Monday, August 3, 2015

Ryland Turns One!

I am finally getting around to editing my own pictures and I just about forgot that I even took the time to do these of Ryland.  Ryland is my happiest baby ever.  He started to smile when we was about 2 days old.  I'm really not joking about that, call it gas, call it a twitch, he smiled. Ryland loves watching his brothers.  His favorite is Cohen, probably since Cohen can do the most for him, like get him out of bed.  Ryland also loves to play with balloons and balls.  I have never seen a kid love a ball as much as him.  He will throw it and chase after it all day long.  He has two nick names, Bam-Bam and our little Pterodactyl. Bam-Bam because he loves to hit the floor with a Thor toy hammer and a nerf bat we have. Pterodactyl because, lets face it, he screams like one.... all the live long day.  He started about 4 months ago and has now become our least favorite child when he is awake.  This kid screams about everything.  The worst is when he is getting teased by his brothers.  For the most part, it's not a sad scream.  It's more of a HELLO WORLD, I AM HERE scream!  Ryland is also the biggest scaredy cat.  He is scared of my kitchen timer for crying out loud!  He is scared when I throw him up.  Like, not just a little scared, terrified scared.  He freaked out the other day because a toy started playing a song right next to him.  He freaked out because a balloon was blowing toward him. And taking him to the car wash is pure torture.  Like I said, scardey cat. As of now, he is 14 months, he still has no teeth and is still not walking by him self.  He likes to take his time and do things his way. He's short and skinny like my other boys. He can say, see, ah-oh, and hi.  Ryland is a perfect addition to our imperfect little family and we love him to pieces.   

 Checking out his surroundings.

 Ooooohhhhhhhh....That's the noise coming from his mouth at that moment.
 Notice how he is just sitting on his rear.  Both feet are in the air.

No, the frosting is not in his eye, but right on his lashes.

Here is a good example of the scream and the scardey catness.


 The pterodactyl scream.
Could I be any cuter...not even if he tried.

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Mark and Kim said...

Oh that poor baby! He's so cute! I love that he'll just scream but not cry.