Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Kindergarten Hoe Down...and other random tid-bits....

Last night was Jace's Kindergarten Hoe Down.  It was so super cute to watch him do little group dances and how often he was checking to make sure I was watching him.  Jace loves his teacher, Mrs. Burke, and he loves school.  Although every morning he tells me he hates it, but that's just until I can get him woken up enough to not be a grump about the world.

This is Jace's friend Callie, she looks huge next to Jace, but I promise, she is the normal sized kindergartner.  Jace is so little!

I told Jace, just look normal for me, obviously he is incapable of that.

Carter wanted to be a cowboy too just like Jace, but the hat was as much as I was willing to dress him up.

I think he's going for "tuff cowboy"?
 Ryland loved the clapping part of the program.

 I took the boys on a walk the other day and you could not wipe the smile off Ryland's face.  This was his first time to not go in the stroller, I think he was a huge fan!

I can't believe he will be a year old next month, TOO BIG!!!

 Conference Sunday was so very nice.  The boys stayed quiet, Justin was home all day (I feel like that never happens lately) and I got to paint my toes and play with my new Jamberry nail stickers!

After conference we went on a walk around White Rock Lake, it's so pretty there!

Ryland's really been on the move lately.  He has started climbing the stairs and scaling the couches.  It's definitely time to start baby proofing!

 So you might think I caught Carter mid-blink, nope, he was so exhausted that he could not even keep his eyes opened.  He has always struggled with coughing a ton when he get's sick but this weekend got scary. He could not even complete a sentence before needing to take a breath. Thankfully, a good friend of mine had a nebulizer.  We gave him albuterol treatments that day and the next day he was SO much better, but we still headed into the dr's office.  He's doing so much better now and we are just doing daily treatments at home for now.  I hate sick kids and right now I have all 4 on some sort of meds for different issues, that should be another post of its own though.

 The weather here in Dallas has been SO nice. 70's for like the last 2 months.  We have been enjoying the time out in our yard before the swarm of mosquitoes and 100 degree weather hits.

 Lastly, we had our 3rd annual Easter Egg Derby the Friday before Easter.  It's always so much fun to throw a party and see everyone have a good time.  We have been blessed with such great friends here!  I only wish I would of taken more pics but I was too busy playing hostess.  But on the plus side, I got 2nd place in our Derby!