Monday, March 16, 2015

Spring Break

About 2 months ago Justin informed me that he would be going to N. Carolina for a huge study convention at Duke to help him get ready for his boards.  It was going to be a week long and in March.  My heart sank as I asked him...when in March? was the same week our kids had spring break, we were planning on doing something fun... SUCK!  We were both miserable about it being that same week but that's why this blog is titled what it is...Life of a Resident Wife.  Justin has been studying like crazy and super stressed about the whole thing so I knew going to this review would be good for him.  So off he went and here we stayed.  I tried hard to make it a fun week for the boys and we planned to do something every day.  I think I succeeded when my boys told me it was the best week.  We did not even do that much but I did try hard to actually play with my boys every day...not just have them watch TV while I do projects and clean.  We all had lots of game time, movie nights, and eating out.  I think I have finally mastered going out with all 4 boys by my self and not going crazy.  Well...all except going to the grocery store.  What is it about going to a grocery store with 4 kids that makes me want to put them in a box out side of the store and sell them like puppies?

Never the are a few pics from our spring break week:
 Ice cream at Sweet Frogs. Jace is showing his true love of ice cream well in this pic. 
 Going to the castle park in Rockwall. Ryland took a good fall off the bed and got a rug burned nose.
 Chuck'e'cheese.  We have learned that if we go as soon as they open, it's dead in there.  These pics are actually from when we went for Jace's birthday the week before but we did venture out again during spring break.  The pic below was my attempt at getting all the boys to look.  Nailed it.
 Was is it about little boys in whitey tighty's that just makes any one smile. 

 Ryland-all ready to go to church!
Me and Carter that the park.

 Ross Perot Museum.  Despite the insane crowd that was there, my boys did amazing!  We love this place!

 Half way through though Carter kept telling me he was cold.  He had a horrid fever by the time we left the museum.

 Playing games!
  And I did manage to get one project done during spring break.  Justin has been wanting me to build this bench to go on the end of our bed.  I just need to finish painting the out side.  

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Snow Day

I have been really struggling with our blog...obviously.  I have just been so behind that it is too overwhelming to even think about catching up.  So I have more catch up.  Just start.  I really do love having a blog and having something in writing that is more than just a face book post or an instagram pic.  I consider it our family history.  So here we go...starting from snow day.

Since we have been in Dallas (4 years this summer) I had yet to see a big snow fall, until today.  We got a good amount of snow and I was even a little excited to get out in it to play.  So I sang to my boys, "Do you wanna build a snow man?" from Frozen and we headed out.  It was so fun to play with them and act like a kid.  I lasted way longer than my boys though because I actually have snow clothes, in fact I was a little too warm.  They have some things, but not enough to really keep them warm.  For example...they have gloves, but they are just knit.  So I put plastic gloves over them to keep them dry.  However, Carter lost his 1/2 way though and now I have plastic gloves lost somewhere in the yard.  Regardless, we had a blast! Happy Snow Day!!!

I first started taking pics of this cutie with his breakfast bar.  He loves them oh so much.

 The plastic gloves....genius!

Ryland watched and waited so nicely inside while we played out the back doors.