Sunday, June 15, 2014

3 Weeks Old

It really is amazing how time fly's with new born babies.  Ryland already hit his 3 week mark and is quickly speeding toward's one month old.  He is starting to grow out of his new born clothes and is starting to look at people and things that move in front of him.  When we had Carter, I thought, there is no way that it can get any better than this... and then Ryland was born.  This kid is amazing!  He is so good to nursing fast and sleeping long.  The past week he has gone down at 9:30-10pm, woken up to eat at 4am (and that only takes me tops 25 minutes), and then goes right back down until 7-7:30.  HEAVEN!  What 3 week old do you know that pulls 6 hour stents between feedings?!  I also love that when he is grumpy, he calms down with just the sound of my voice.  It's like magic I tell ya!  Also, Ryland is the most smiley new born ever!  He has been smiling since day one.  I'm sure it's just the random smiles that babies do, but he does it a lot!  Almost like he is saying, "Hey mom, I am so happy to be here, thanks for all the hard work, now here is a smile to show my appreciation."
I love this baby SO much!

And just for a little side note, Justin can not for the life of him call him anything but Carter.  I keep asking Justin, Ok, what's his name... say it 10 times to get it in your brain!!!  He does look so much like Carter.  It will be fun to see how he looks in the next few months and see how he changes!

I'm not a fan of swaddling, so when I saw Ryland sleeping like this, I jumped for joy, evidently, he does not like it either.
 With Ryland's bilirubin being a little high, he get's to have a daily dose of the sun afternoon.
 Our first family outing, we went to see How to Train Your Dragon good by the way, and Ryland did great (with the exception of peeing all over him self)!

 I love these concerned eye brows he is constantly giving me.

 The last few nights, he has not cried at all during tubby time. He is finally enjoying it!

All clean and ready for bed!

As for Ryland's brothers, Cohen is really the only one that notices him.  Carter could care less that he is here, and Jace only wants to hold him about once every 3 days. Cohen loves to hold his baby brother though.  He is getting pretty good at holding his head up and he is a good helper with him.  Yesterday morning, Justin woke up to find Cohen cleaning up the train tracks down stairs and asked him what he was doing.  Cohen replied, "Mom is just so busy with Ryland, I thought I would help her out and clean up down stairs before she got up."  What a sweet heart he can be!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Ryland's Blessing Day

A few months ago, we decided that June 1st would be the perfect day to bless our little Ryland.  Both grandparents planned their trips to all be here on that Sunday and we were set to go... or so we thought.  A couple of weeks ago, we were informed that Stake Conference would be held on June 1st. Crap. Justin and I were totally bummed out since we wanted to make it a missionary moment and invite others not of our faith to come join us on this special day.  But in the end, we decided it was more important to have family be apart of it than friends.  We talked with our Bishop and got the approval that we would be able to do it at our home.  It was a very special day none the less.  I am so blessed to have a husband worthy of the priesthood and to be able to bless our children.  We had a great lunch afterwards as well.  It was a great day!  I tried to get a good one of Ryland in his outfit... no such luck.  I'll have to try again when he is not so hungry.

 My two sweet nieces.  They LOVE baby Ryland
 The sun was super bright... can you tell?

 Telling Grandma Rigtrup how happy he is to be apart of our family.