Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Our Little Baby Ryland

I figured while every one is at church, now would be a good time to write down the official Ryland birth story.  Here we go:

I have never had so much false labor!  I have also never gone so long before with out going into labor.  With Cohen, my water broke 2 days before my due date.  With Jace, I was induced a week early (med school finals, we were trying to be timely with him), and with Carter, I started in labor on my own 2 days before my due date.  So when I started to have labor pains 3 weeks before my due date, I started to panic because my mom was not here yet and I really wanted to have her here, esp since Cohen is still in school and I did not want that burden on anyone else!  I started to take it real easy because I was certain too much activity would shoot me into labor.  It didn't.  My mom got here and we were go...go...go!  We shopped everyday for 7 days and NOTHING.  I even walked 1.6 miles to a dinner at a friends house to try to get me going... and nothing!  Well, I guess not nothing, I would have labor pains, but nothing that was consistent.   Then I started to panic that I would not have him before my mom was gone!  So...induction  was scheduled.  I felt like a cop out.  Like I gave in.  But the frustrating thing is I would feel pretty good all day, have crazy labor all night, and then wake up feeling fine again.  I was getting very annoyed.  So, one day after my due date, I was induced.

We arrived at Baylor at 7:45 and I was shocked at how fast they got things moving!  With in one hour of being there, I had my IV in, pit was going, my water had been broken, my penicillin was on a slow drip (I was strep B+), and the epidural was on its way.  After my epidural got in (and my blood pressure was brought back up, mine always drops when they put it in and I always feel like I'm about to either throw up or pass out!  Thankfully, neither of those happened this time) it was time to wait... and wait... and wait.  We all predicted that I would have him by 2:30 at the latest.  But once they checked me at noon, I was still only at a 4.  I find it mind boggling how different each child is when I am using all the same parts with each one! Finally, at 4, they checked me and I was at a 9!  That's also when I started to feel some pain on my right side.  I was given WAY too much epidural (when I just asked for a little drip more) and I had a hard time feeling where I was pushing.  Regardless, I started pushing at 5 pm and it took me about 6-7 contractions to get him out. Justin was a great cheerleader, as was my mom that was able to be there.  Justin was able to deliver Ryland and he did awesome.  At 5:34, Ryland made his appearance and he came out screaming! Music to any mother's ears. Tears just started streaming down my face, it was wonderful to hold him and have him just look at me!  Ryland was 7 lbs 15 oz and 20 1/2 inches long (my shortest baby yet!).  He has been a great baby.  When he is awake, he has been very somber and sweet.  His first night was a little rough at home, but I think all kids are.  But after getting him on a schedule yesterday, he only woke up twice last night!  The best part was that he would go to bed right after I fed him, heaven!  Ryland is also an awesome nurser.  He has been feeding so well and only lost 3% of his body weight when we checked out of the hospital.  The boys have been great with Ryland too.  Jace keeps calling him "it".  Can I hold it, can I touch it, can we keep it?  Cohen keeps telling me how tiny he is and how cute he is.  And Carter brings his blanket over to him and kisses him on the head, then reminds everyone to be quiet because the baby is sleeping.  

I'm a little bit in shock that I have 4 kids, but it has been such a blessing to have Ryland in our family the past few days and we all just love him so much already.   
 Sacks... party of 6... say what?!

 Awe... the smile of a 3 year old.
 My last day with my baby.  He seems so huge to me now!
 On our way to have our 4th baby.
 Grandma Rigtrup... my house has never stayed this clean with her here and my kids so happy!  We are SO grateful she came to help out (did I mention, she is 80 lbs lighter than the last time I saw her... she's amazing!)
 Labor selfie.
 Justin explaining all the monitors to my mom.  I think they got a little bored waiting on me all day.

 The boys were so excited to come see me at the hospital and even more happy to find that I had cookies.
 Ryland's first smile caught on camera.

 I think out of anyone in our family, Cohen has been the most excited for his baby brother to get here. Cohen also just came from field day at school, and dang did he smell like it too!

 Jace could really care less that he has a new brother, but he was happy to hold him for the first time.

Packing up to come home.
Ryland has been amazing so far!  The last 3 nights I have only had to get up with him once.  He smiles like crazy all the time, awake and asleep.  He keeps finding his finger and is overall just a great little baby!  Just the way I like em'!  We can't get enough of his sweet spirit! 
Welcome to the world baby Ryland! 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Out With the Old... In With the New!

Our house has been one learning project after another.  This is why we have dubbed this house "the learning house".  We have learned so much about maintaining a home, foundations, leaks, sprinkler systems, filters, gutters, plumbing, landscaping, tiling and the list goes on.  Our latest project was our bathroom.  We have had a leak in our shower pretty much since we moved in. Although we did not discover this leak until about a year and a half after we moved in.  And even then, we thought the towel we put just out side of the shower pan was catching all the leaking water.  Wrong!  We have not showered in our shower for over 10 months now and not to mention, our whole bathroom just needed some good updating.  Here is what we started out with:
As you can see, I was already starting to rip the tile off one side of the tub.  Jealous of that green tub and our carpeted bathroom?  You should be. 
This was after my little mishap with the pipe bursting. See HERE. I've looked all over for a good before picture, but this is as good as it get's.  No idea where it is!

Once everything was gutted, the plumbing was fixed in the shower, the mold on the floor board was taken care of and the bench was re-built, we were beyond done.  We decided to hire out the rest, which entailed the install of the tub and shower pan and tiling.  If I was not so pregnant, we probably would of done it our selves.  But the problem was that it took us FOREVER to get anything done.  We were working around youtube videos (since our knowledge of this stuff was limited), 2 tired parents at the end of the day and messing with curious kids that kept getting in our way.  It was taking us 5 times longer than it would of been to hire it out.

 First was our tub.  The guys that did it took almost the whole morning just demoing the tub.  It was cultured marble so they had to take it apart piece by piece.  It was heavy stuff. But look!  No more green tub!!!

After the first day that the tile guys were here, and they had put up all the new green board, we learned of a communication error between Justin and I.  I thought there was to be green board in the shower.  NOTE:  Green board does not go in showers, hardie board does.  I felt horrid!!!  The next day our workers showed up and we told them they had to rip all their work down and re-do it with the hardie board.  What a waste!!! 
I went to Lowe's nearly every day the week the tile guys were at my house.  Seriously, the workers were like, YOU AGAIN?! after about the 3rd day.   We were always running out of something!  My boys were such good troopers about it.  Jace and Carter are like 2 kids in one.  They play so great together and every thing Jace does, Carter follows.  Jace starts walking backwards... so Carter walks backwards. I do love my Lowe's though. 
 We also decided that if we were going to tile the bathroom, we might as well get rid of the pink cracked tile in our entry way as well.  It took a whole 2 days just to remove this tile.  It was marble as well.  So ugly!

 One night, Justin and I sat on the floor for 3 hours with hammers and chisels to get up the stuck on mortar to the cement.  It was a blast (said with the least amount of enthusiasm ever).
 Ready to tile!!!

 This is a great example of how my house was when it was all done.  I had no idea that hiring out all this stuff would still be so much work for me!  The dust bomb that has gone off in our house has been incredible.  It was EVERY WHERE.  I even found it on the other side of the house in the new baby room! We had to take a broom to our walls and mop/vacuum our floors more than 3 times to get it all up.  I am still finding it today!
 And now for the finished projects, before and after!!!
The new tile is like a copper shimmer type.  Some lights it's sliver, and some more copper.  Justin LOVES it... and as for me.... it's way better than the pink. 

 The shower... leak free.. and also door free, door to be installed next week :)  Notice how the bench does not take up half the shower any more... yeah... I built that.  Who's bum is that big that they need a 3 ft deep bench! I love it!

There are some things that still need to be done. Like mop the tile floor a few more times, get rid of the green toppers on either side of the tub, paint Justin's side of cabinets and put in new counter tops and sinks in.  Very small details in comparison to what we took on the last few months.  
 Justin's side.
My side... already painted. 
When I'm not 9 months prego anymore, I will tackle on some more of these things, but for now, I am SO done. 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

2nd Annual Easter Egg Derby

The Friday before Easter, we hosted our 2nd Annual Easter Egg Derby.  It was a little hectic with almost 40 people over, but it was SO much fun.  We had a potato bar, lots of yummy side dishes and awesome company!  We have been so blessed with such great friends here in Mesquite!  And now that our ward just got flipped up side down and reorganized with a new ward, we have even more people to get to know... it's awesome!!!  So a quick little explanation of our derby... every one brings hard boiled eggs.  We roll them towards each other on a track and if your egg cracks, your out.  It was a little crazy with so many players, but none the less, very entertaining and fun!
 Here is our winner of the Easter Derby Cup, Mr. Devan Minyard

 Look how scroungy this kid looks!  I swear he has the most uncontrollable hair!

This little guy, Joshua was a pretty good competitor.  He was fun to watch!

We had a great night and we were so happy to have everyone over... esp since this will be our last party to host for a while :)