Thursday, March 27, 2014

Little Tidd Bits of the Sacks Family

So check out this blanket my sister got me for the new baby (name still unknown... help!).  Pretty cheap, right?!  I guess there was a slight typo in the price and if not, it's for sale :)

 Justin and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary a few weeks ago since when the big day actually comes, we will have a new little one depriving us of any ambition to celebrate it then.  Some good friends of ours watched our kiddo's over night and we thoroughly enjoyed an evening out.  It was pure heaven.  Sadly the only pics I have are of what we ate.  We ventured to a new restaurant, Dallas Chop House.  It was heavenly.  Steak and lobster for me and a huge rib-eye for Justin.  How do people live with out eating steak!  So good!
We then ordered room service at our hotel that night after going swimming, every time this picture comes up on my screen saver, my mouth waters.  Not even a little kidding.  It was SO good!  

 A few weeks ago, Justin went on a Pioneer Trek with the youth in our ward.  Here is our best pioneer get-up that we got from Goodwill.  When he came to me with the idea of going (since he is the Young Men's president for our ward), I started bawling (note: I was having a hard time with my emotions due to pregnancy at this time). He quickly said, "I don't have to go?!".  But that's not why I was crying, I was so happy for him to go and have the experience because I had done one as a youth and it was fantastic.  He went for 3 days and came back smelly, tired, and with a greater appreciation for the pioneers, just the experience I wanted for him :) Thankfully my crying episodes only lasted about a month. Lame? Totally. 
 And lastly, I love nap hair.  It's so great when your kid wakes up from a good nap and their hair is out of control.  Jace rarely naps, but on this day, he just could not stay awake to save his life.  When he came down stairs from his nap, I was happy to see his hair looking like this.  Such a cheese smile too. 

Friday, March 21, 2014

Jace turns 5!!!

I can hardly believe that my little Jacer Man is 5.  I probably say that with every birthday, but 5 brings a hole new realm to the game.  It brings kindergarten in the Fall.  I could seriously keep Jace home and be happier with him here.  Jace is the most easy going kid and Justin and I are always commenting on what a great kid he is.  When I ask him to do anything for me he is (almost) always willing to do it.  Here are some great things about why we love our Jacer's.

  • He opens the car door for me all the time.  
  • He is our little porky pine and is not a hugger, but every once in a while, he will come give you the best hug ever and tell you he loves you.
  • Jace LOVES candy.  One day when playing candy land, he looked at me with the most seriousness and said, "Mom, I really wish I lived in this game."  If there is a treat involved, he is in!
  • Jace is obsessed with quarters. It's what he asked Santa for for Christmas... and his birthday.  When he does have quarters, he will hold them in his hand ALL DAY.  Only setting them down to go potty and to sleep.  He loves them because that means he can used them at the grocery store to get gum balls and other treats.
  • Jace is the most amazing sharer.  He always has been.  He loves to make others happy by sharing.
  • Jace hates getting in trouble.  If he is ever in trouble, he looks at me with the most sad eyes ever and asks, "Mom, do you still love me?"  Breaks my heart every time.
  • Jace can not keep a straight face.  If you at all tell him, "Don't smile" it lasts about 1/2 a second.  
  • Jace is a crazy picky eater.  Every night at dinner we hear the same thing, "I don't like this".  But going along with the crazy amount of kindness in this kid, he has also told me, "Mom, I'm going to say thank you for making me the food, but it's not because I like it."  
  • Jace will always eat the same 3 foods: cereal, hot dogs and chocolate sandwiches.
  • Jace LOVES to play the wii.  And he is actually really good at it.  
I could honestly go on and on about how great of a little guy I have.  We love him to death!

For Jace's birthday, we decided to take advantage of Justin's time off and head off to the beach of Galveston.  We stayed at a great hotel and tried as best as we could to have a great time in the horrid weather we had for the few days we were there.  It never got above 42 degrees and was always windy.  But regardless, we were together as a family and had a great time with each other.  

We left Sunday after church and what should of been a 4 hour drive, ended up being almost 7 because of an ice storm we hit.  It was horrid!!  Once we finally got to the hotel, we celebrated Jace's birthday with cake and presents.

 Our little blondie.

Jace's blessing day, he was super happy about it :)

My favorite picture of all time of Jace.  

Jace was our lolly lover for a few years.  I contribute his horrid sleep habits to this dumb thing.

His poor little nose that got banged up from falling out of the stroller.
His first time with cake, birthday number 1.

Birthday number 2.

3 yr old pics.
Always wanting to do a goofy face for pictures. 4th birthday

An now for his 5th birthday celebrations:
 This was our road conditions in MARCH!!!  March in Texas people... not normal.  The road was covered in ice and we traveled at a 20 mph pace for about 2 hours.
Since we celebrated Carter's birthday just the week before, he was pretty up set when I told him that this party was not for him... it was Jace's turn.  He cried the whole time Jace opened his presents screaming, "no, my birthday!"

 The next day we ventured out to the beach and explored a peninsula off of Galveston. The beach was freezing!  It was about 40 degrees with the wind blowing us hard the whole time. We have become wimps since we have moved from Ohio.
Every house we saw on the peninsula was on stilts.  It was so cool to see them all.  And so colorful too!

 Carter slept just about the whole time.

 Cohen LOVED flying kites with Dad.

One family picture before heading back to the car to warm up!
We then headed to a super cute ice cream parlor.  It had tons of homemade treats and ice cream there.  The Lemon Custard was divine!!

Here is the view out of our hotel window... the pool mocked us the whole time.  Looks great right?!  Way too cold to venture out to.  BOOOO!!!!

 Getting ready to leave.  The play dough car was a great present for Jace because it kept all of them occupied while we packed up.  The boys had such a great time and despite the horrid weather, so did Justin and I.

If you ever take Hwy 45 from Dallas to Houston, you can not miss this.  This statue of Sam Houston is HUGE!!!  He stands taller than the trees and is in the middle of no where land, just off the side of the hwy.