Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Carter Turns 3!!!

I can hardly believe it, but my baby is 3!  He is such a big boy too and won't even let me call him my baby any more.  Here is a few of my favorites about this kid:
  • He is my cuddle bug.  Anytime I am sitting on the couch, he wants to be right next to me.  
  • He loves kisses from mom and dad.  I could smother this kid in kisses all day and not get one complaint from him.
  • He LOVES his brother Jace.  I think he will be very lost with out him when he goes to Kindergarten.  They do everything together!
  • Carter loves chocolate milk, chocolate chips, and suckers.  Esp suckers.
  • He mimics just about everything you say, but always in the form of a question: Me: "Carter we need to go to the store". Carter: " Go to the store?  Oh, ok."
  • Even though Carter is a mama's boy, he still very much loves his Daddy and will tell Justin every day when he comes home, "Daddy, I miss you". 
  • If you miss something he did and he wants you to know about it, he will reenact it out for you and always end with "see... like that". 
  • Carter LOVES to throw things.  Toys, food, balls, anything he can pick up and throw, he will do this.  It's a work in progress.  
  • He loves to dance.
  • He goes potty all by him self (as long as he get's the ok from me first... why do kids need permission... just go!)
I just love this kid so stink'n much. 

Happy Birthday Carter Lewis!

 Who could forget that HAIR!!!
 My little thumb sucker... even to this day.

For his birthday we had our family over. Carter loves his cousins!

 Not yet!

Check out that arm... see... he loves to throw!

Happy Birthday my little man, we love you to pieces!

Monday, February 24, 2014

6 Months along

I was curious as to how much bigger I am now than I was with Cohen at 6 months along.  Well... turns out... a lot bigger.  This is me today at 6 months and it also turns out that I don't like to change my hair styles either over the last 7 years :)

Monday, February 17, 2014

Little bit of this....

 This pregnancy just dragged on and on the first few months and now I can't seem to get it to slow down!!  In fact, after I took this picture, I realized, I'm not 25 weeks, I'm 26!  What the what?!?  I'm starting to get a little panicked as to all the things I want done before I have to do feeding schedules and naps again.  And battling complete exhaustion has not helped.  But none the less, here I am, more than half way done and speeding my way up to D-Day.

 I need to do a side by side of me at 6 months with Cohen because I swear I was not this big!
 Here is the update on our shower.  Justin went to town a few days ago and really got it all taken out. What a good hubby I have.
 This is our shower as of now.  It's so weird to walk in there and see it this way. Justin has some time off later this weeks so we hope to get a good portion of it done.
 Justin has been on nights this past week so that means we see him for dinner and that's about it.  I decided to make Valentines day a family affair.  We had steak, twice baked potatoes, cheesy broccoli and the best fondue I have ever had!  I got the recipe HERE.  The only thing I changed was using milk chocolate, because both Justin and I hate semi sweet.  It was divine and the boys kept telling me it was the best dessert EVER.  Justin gave me a gift card for a prenatal massage and helped the boys all give me flowers and candy!!!  It was crazy sweet to have all of my boys come and tell me how much they loved me.  Sometimes it's really great to be surrounded by so many boys that love me :)  

 And lastly, I love Texas.  It's just ingrained into my soul. I love the people, the weather, the sunsets.  It just makes me smile.  I saw this scene as I was on my way to get pizza the other night.  So pretty!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow Day

 We got our official one snow day of the year last week. As soon as Jace saw the first few flakes falling he was begging me to go out side to build a snow man.  I how ever, do not care for snow.  It's too much of a pain, esp for the one time a year that it does happen here.  I have to dig out the closets to find our snow clothes, dress 3 boys in them for them to play in the cold weather for 10 minutes until they want to come in, get my kitchen muddy and wet from their clothes, redress them because their pants are wet now and then they beg for hot chocolate. Uhg... I'm lazy I know, but it's too much effort sometimes. Regardless, I gave in and did all of that and the boys were in pure heaven.  

Saturday, February 8, 2014

I Have PTSD.

I have post traumatic stress disorder. What from you ask.... well, this is the scene after it happened.. this is my blood.
 ... on the kitchen drawer.
 ... on the wall.
 ....on the front door lock.
 .... on my door.  
 ...up my banister.

Not to mention all the blood droplets on the floors between all these places and on other walls through out my house.  And the culprit?  My shower.  

When we first got the house inspected, it showed that there was a leak from the shower pan.  Our shower is upstairs so it would start leaking though an access in the ceiling in our office.  We asked that they get it fixed and they agreed.  It was fixed... or so we thought.  About a 2 years after showering in this, we found mold under the carpet that was right against the shower.  I know... carpet in the bathroom... so stupid.  So we tore up the carpet and put a towel down every time we showered to catch the extra water.  We thought it was coming from the shower door not being able to close all the way.  About a month after that, we discovered it was the shower pan leaking from underneath.  This has resulted in us not showering at all in our bathroom for the last 8 months.  We just had other things to deal with first until we could even think about remodeling.  Last month, we decided it was time to finally rip this thing up and update our shower.  I was so excited to finally get started on this project.  I started banging away on the tile and making a great big mess of it all!  It really is stress relieving to bang a hammer as hard as you can against a wall.  Then I ran into more mold.  Justin had warned me not to work with it if I found mold (being prego and all), so I stopped and decided I would just remove the knobs so Justin would not have to mess with them.  I watched a few YouTube videos on how to get it done and the first knob came off with out any problem.  The second one was being a little more difficult.  Then it happened.  The pipe burst.  The HOT water access started spewing a hard stream of water in my shower that was removed of half of it's tile into a leaking shower pan!  Stress filled my body and I started frantically scrapping the broken tile with my bare hands out of the bottom of the shower pan to allow some water access so I did not flood my entire bathroom floor.  I ran down stairs and called my Dad and with shear panic in my voice asked "HOW DO I TURN OFF THE WATER!!!!".  I ran all over grabbing any tools I might need and before I knew it, I was covered in mud and blood.  It had just rained the night before and I could not get the cover off the outside water access.  It was covered in mud and I was bleeding everywhere.  I was more than freaking out..... I was hysterical.  It was in the middle of the day, all of the neighbors that I did know were at work and I could not get the dang cover off the water line!  Finally it popped off, but my weakly girl hands could not get the wrench to turn fast enough to turn off the water.  Then the Lord answered my frantic prayers and a truck came down the street.  I waved him down and asked if he knew how to turn off the water to my house!!!!  He got right out and turned it off.  He ended up being a plumber that redoes showers!!!  WHAT THE WHAT?!  What are the odds?!  I thanked him profusely as he handed me his card.  I went up stairs to see the damage and broke down.  The water was on for over 5 minutes.  Just pouring into an already broken shower pan.  I worried about going down stairs to see what the damage was, but knew it was inevitable.  Just what I expected, and unfortunately more.  Water was leaking from my access hole AND from my light fixture.  I could literally turn my chandelier up side down and water came pouring out of it.  I laid down on my wet rug and cried.  Pathetic... yes... but so mad I could not stand it.  Home ownership sucks.  
I called a plumber right away and since it was later in the day, we would have to be with out water for the night.  They came the next morning, and almost $300 later, our water was back on.  I have been waking up in the middle of the night now in a panic over how I could of handled the situation better.   I have not touched the shower since and refuse to until Justin is there to help me.  We hope to have it up and running again by the middle of March as Justin starts working nights again tonight.  This has literally been a nightmare and I hope to never go through such shear panic again.  

BTW... After all was said and done, I had multiple scrapes and cuts all over my arms and hands from touching the broken tile and a huge bruise on my palm from trying to turn the wrench on the water line.  The whole right side of my chest was sore from all the strength I exerted to get the water turned off.  
So a word to the wise... TURN YOUR WATER OFF before working with knobs. 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Fall Time... in January

We have had the weirdest Fall./Winter.  It will go from 65 degrees to freezing temps with in 30 minutes.  Not even a little bit exaggerating.  I'm certain that because of this weird transformation of temps, the leaves have not had a proper amount of time to fall off. But one day in January, the leaves finally began to fall.  The boys were dying to rake them up and play in them... so play we did.