Sunday, January 26, 2014

3 Down. 2 More To Go.

Every January, Justin takes a super huge test that he get compared to every Rad resident in the nation.  It's pretty stressful on him, esp when he has not had the time he would of liked to study.  Well, rewind about 4 months and I saw these tickets for Brian Regan (our favorite comedian).  Turns out it was the evening after Justin's exam.  What better way to unwind than to laugh your bum off at someone hilarious!  We had some of our really good friends join us in the fun and had a fabulous evening!  We headed down to a great Mexican restaurant (we must get as much Mexican in while here in Texas, right?!) and then to the show.  Brian Regan did not disappoint.  Justin as one point had to stop listening to him just so he could catch his breath and I had tears rolling down my face at one point.  If none of you have seen him... let me introduce....


He is so squeaky clean and his facial expressions make his whole act worth seeing.  I guess I need to keep up with the bar I have set and figure out something just as great for next years exam!

 I also made Justin a white chocolate raspberry cheese cake.  It was the first cheesecake I had ever made... I think I over baked it, but it was still good enough that we did not share with the kids and ate the whole thing our selves over the next couple of days :)

Waiting for Brian to come out and make us laugh.

Monday, January 13, 2014

20 Weeks!

A couple of weeks ago, I woke up with some bad chest pain and could not breath very well.  Justin is a little overly sensitive to me when I'm prego and any ache or pain I have going on and I seem to brush it off like it's nothing, because it usually is.  But I was actually worried this time around.  My heart was fast and I just could not seem to get it under control.  This is not the first time this has happened.  In fact I had it bad before we got married.  Yep people, what I am describing is an anxiety attack.  So lame and I'm a little embarrassed to even admit that I get them. In fact even talking about it makes me tighten up a little.  The odd thing is that I usually get them when I am feeling reasonably well.  And then I question, "What the heck am I stressed about".  But this time I was pretty sure I knew where it was coming from.  I'm a little worried about going back to the baby stage.  Back to diapers, no sleep, feeding schedules, nursing, nap schedules, unruly bed times, strollers and car seat carriers, just to name a few.  I think the problem is that I've gotten so accustomed to having boys that are pretty independent, that I'm scared this baby is going to come and mess it all up.  AHHHH!!!  What was I thinking!?
 Now this is not to say that I'm not excited, because I totally am.  I am excited to hold my little one, to have some good cuddle time, to have the sweet spirit that new babies bring into the home and especially to see what he will look like!  And I know I am weird for this one, but I LOVE the hospital stay!  I don't have to cook, clean, be summoned by any little person and all my meals are brought to me!  Heaven.  I guess you could just say that over all, I'm nervous about taking care of one more. 
 I'm actually 22 weeks now.  Due date is May 20th and it seems to be coming really fast now that I'm over the half way point.  I can feel him moving so much more now and it's not just little flutters either.  He is starting to find my ribs and I feel little kicks and jabs.  That is by far the best part of pregnancy! I'm sure these next months are going to fly by. Also, I know that I am not alone.  I know 16 OTHER PEOPLE PREGNANT!  16 PEOPLE!!!  That's crazy.  I counted it up the other day because I thought, dang I feel like every one I know is prego.  9 expecting boys, 3 girls and the rest unknown for right now.  Most are due in the spring. 
I guess I just need to learn to do some relaxation things, like meditation, because ready or not, here he comes.     

Date Night

We had a super crappy week... pun intended.  Justin finally finished up his 4th out of 6 ER, month long, night rotations (he has one more in Feb. and another in May) and with how the weekend's worked out, had 9 days off!!!  9 DAYS people...unreal!  We were so excited and had all this stuff planned to do/get done, and then the bug came.  A mean, ugly, unforgiving stomach bug.  First Jace got it, then Carter and then it finally found it's resting place in Justin.  I did not leave the house for 5 days straight, Justin lost 4 lbs, and Jace told me he was going to ask Santa, next time he saw him anyway, that he never wants "burn poo again".  It was bad.  Thankfully, Cohen and I came away unscathed.  I slipped by with just an average cold and Cohen went on his merry way with nothing. By Friday, things were finally starting to lift.  Saturday was our day of redemption for this crappy week and we took full advantage.  We got a baby sitter at 3pm and headed off to the Perot Museum to see the animal inside out exhibit.  It was awesome to see and Justin esp loved comparing what humans have to the many animals that were there.  We then headed out to eat at a marvelous Mexican restaurant called Wild Salsa in downtown Dallas.  They had this green salsa and chips that were so heavenly and bite size sopapillas that had mini injectors of honey, caramel or chocolate.  Divine!  It was a great evening that made the poopy week not seem as pathetic.

The Holidays

I figure I needed to just wrap up last year in one post and be done with it.  We have church starting at 9am this year (LOVE IT!) and my hope is to do blogging on my quiet Sunday afternoons. With baby on the way and my Carter still taking naps, I am excited to be back to 9 am church!

First of all.. this has nothing to do with anything, but I totally forgot these pictures and the silly story behind it.  This summer, we went to Yellow Stone for a mini mission reunion with our besties.  Cody and Jason were some of the first of Justin's friend that I met when we started dating.  I loved them from the get-go and to make it even better, they married some amazing women.  We had a total blast with them....esp since no kids were allowed :)  On one of the days, we headed down an amazing river with a couple of canoes.  3 girls in one, 3 boys in another.  First of all, the girls totally rocked it.  We were faster, stayed straighter and got stranded a lot less than the boys (some parts were shallow).  The boys kept tipping over and having to push theirs. But the girls never tipped!  And the boys are all Eagle Scouts!  Half way through our little adventure we decided to stop and take a break to eat a snack.  The boys all wanted to get in the water, the girls (esp me) were not as interested.  The water was like an ice bath.  SO SO SO COLD!!!  But, eventually, we all found our selves standing in a circle daring one another to go all the way under, juvenile, maybe, but everyone was up for the challenge.  We all counted each other off and took the plunge.  Oh my gosh was it cold!  
 From left to right...Autumn, Cody, Jason (trying to pee in the river away from us), Natalie and Justin.
 Do you see how clear the water was?  You could see all the way down to the bottom and see fish swimming by your feet.
 Natalie and I.  She was prego with baby girl number 3... I think somewhere in heaven these kids just decided that they get the girls, we get the boys and then they can get married later :)  That's our hope anyway!

 We even got to see a Momma moose and her baby come down for a drink... amazing!

  Also, on our way home from Utah, we stopped off at this look off point.  The boys were amazed at how deep the canyon was.

Ok, now we can move on...

 This year was our first to host all by our selves.  I had an old neighbor give me a couple of turkeys through out the year and I just plopped them in my freezer.  I figure I needed to get them cooked up sometime, why not for the best day to cook a turkey.  So we invited those of our friends that did not have any family around, passed out some assignments and got cooking!!  I could not find the lbs on either of the turkeys and figured they would not be too much to have for the 22 of us (that includes 11 kids!).  Well, once they were thawed out, I put them on my scale... we had TWO TWENTY POUND TURKEYS!  Enough to feed a small army!! I had no idea.  I told Justin everyone would just have to go home with a gallon bag full of turkey.  What ended up being more of a surprise though, is how quick it went! I did one traditional turkey with stuffing and one with Cajun butter injections.  The one with injections was a huge hit and so yummy.  I would totally do it again.  With all the food everyone brought we could of fed about 4 other families.  I guess that's what Thanksgiving is all about anyway... absurd amounts of food and great people to share it with. 
 We did a little kids craft and made paint brush Santa ornaments... thank you Pinterest. The kids loved it!
 Our dessert table.  Seriously.... 4 pies for 3 families.  I ate pie for breakfast for the next 4 days.
 Left to right, the Charters (Emily and Heath)... me and the Linds (Zach and Glaucia).
After everything and everyone was cleaned up and put away, Justin and I sat in front of the fire and glorified in our first successful Thanksgiving Day meal. 


Christmas went a little bit down the hole this year. All the traditional things that we usually do before the actual day, we never got around to doing.  Justin was on ER nights, the kids got sick, I started to have (what I hope is) my last battle with pregnancy nausea and we were all just too tired to put any effort into it.  It was just as much of a surprise for Justin as it was for the kids on Christmas morning because he was not able to be involved in ANY of the purchases or wrapping.  He barely even got my stuff done in time.  All the time before Christmas was pretty lame-o.  But none the less, it was fun to spoil the kids and it was still a great Christmas day. 

The only Christmas-y thing that we did do was paint ornaments for the boys little tree they have in their room and we did make it out to see Santa.. the day before Christmas.. that's how late we were on doing Christmas things!
 Jace asked for quarters (he is OBSESSED!!!  He got 5$ of quarters and after about the 5th day, I had to take them away.  He would not go anywhere or do anything with out holding them in his hand ALL DAY LONG.  He likes quarters to use on gumball machines (another gift he got from Santa) ). Cohen asked for Super Mario galaxy game and Carter also asked for quarters... because Jace did.

 And what would Christmas be with out playing the pickle game! Someone hides the pickle on the tree, first to find it, wins!  I'm hoping to up the prize when the boys get older... make it really worth finding and more competitive.  It's an old German tradition and since that is our heritage, we decided to take it on. I know of one friend that in their family, the first to find it gets $100!  The best part is how long it took the boys... including Justin.

 We of course left out some cookies for Santa and opened our matching pj's.

 Justin's big present was 2 tickets to see Brian Regan.  We love this guy, he is absolutely hilarious.  I'm shocked I was able to keep it from him considering I got them back in October. We go see his show next week!

I got a Kuerig.  I know what your thinking, but you don't drink coffee.... oh, but do I drink hot chocolate and apple cider... probably more than I should... but it's SO good!  I also got a Piano! It was more of an after Christmas present, but I am calling it that anyway.  We got it on Saturday!  Craigslist was my best friend on this one :)
The boys just got a bunch of things they did not really need but wanted, but that's what Christmas presents are partly about, right?!