Thursday, November 27, 2014

So Grateful...

It's been on my mind a lot these last few weeks in preparation for Thanksgiving as to what I am grateful for.  In a talk that was given in church last Sunday a girl asked, "If you were only given what your thanked Heavenly Father for in your prayers last night, what would you have?".  So my prayers this week have been full of gratitude.  And since this is the official day of Thanks, I am here to give my thanks to some of my favorite things:
  1. I'm so extremely grateful to have a husband that fully supports me and loves me.  We have been married 10 years and he still makes me laugh all the time. I love his goofiness, his compassion for others, and the way he get's down with the boys and play fights just like he was a little kid himself.  
  2. I am SO happy I have 4 healthy boys.  Health seems to be taken for granted so much these days and I am so happy we are healthy!
  3. I am grateful to have a baby in our home right now.  Ryland makes me smile every day.  He is such a happy baby and the love that we all have for him just fills up our home.  (In fact the boys were fighting over who loved Ryland the most last night). 
  4. I am so glad we have a home that keeps us warm/cool.
  5. I'm so glad we have not just one, but 2 reliable cars.  I know what its like to not have a car you can rely on, and it sucks. 
  6. I'm grateful for the sun.  I love the warmth it provides us here in Texas.  Sunny days are my favorite and I'm so glad we get to have them so much here! 
  7. I'm grateful for a family that supports each other, on both sides. 
  8. I'm grateful for my parents.  I spent 5 weeks with them this summer and loved every minute of it.  We just mesh.  I love my Dad for the show he puts on to be grumpy grandpa but then takes my boys up the canyon in the 4 wheeler and plays games with them.  I love my mom for her listening ear and her eternal optimism.  
  9. I'm grateful for so many people in the scriptures, but esp for Nephi.  He is my favorite and my true hero.  I'm so glad that they endured the trials that they did so that we could learn from them.  
  10. I'm forever grateful for my Lord and Savior.  He has given me all these things and for that, I can't even express the gratitude I feel for him.  
Happy Thanksgiving to you all.  May your day be full of turkey, good friends and family. 

Sunday, June 15, 2014

3 Weeks Old

It really is amazing how time fly's with new born babies.  Ryland already hit his 3 week mark and is quickly speeding toward's one month old.  He is starting to grow out of his new born clothes and is starting to look at people and things that move in front of him.  When we had Carter, I thought, there is no way that it can get any better than this... and then Ryland was born.  This kid is amazing!  He is so good to nursing fast and sleeping long.  The past week he has gone down at 9:30-10pm, woken up to eat at 4am (and that only takes me tops 25 minutes), and then goes right back down until 7-7:30.  HEAVEN!  What 3 week old do you know that pulls 6 hour stents between feedings?!  I also love that when he is grumpy, he calms down with just the sound of my voice.  It's like magic I tell ya!  Also, Ryland is the most smiley new born ever!  He has been smiling since day one.  I'm sure it's just the random smiles that babies do, but he does it a lot!  Almost like he is saying, "Hey mom, I am so happy to be here, thanks for all the hard work, now here is a smile to show my appreciation."
I love this baby SO much!

And just for a little side note, Justin can not for the life of him call him anything but Carter.  I keep asking Justin, Ok, what's his name... say it 10 times to get it in your brain!!!  He does look so much like Carter.  It will be fun to see how he looks in the next few months and see how he changes!

I'm not a fan of swaddling, so when I saw Ryland sleeping like this, I jumped for joy, evidently, he does not like it either.
 With Ryland's bilirubin being a little high, he get's to have a daily dose of the sun afternoon.
 Our first family outing, we went to see How to Train Your Dragon good by the way, and Ryland did great (with the exception of peeing all over him self)!

 I love these concerned eye brows he is constantly giving me.

 The last few nights, he has not cried at all during tubby time. He is finally enjoying it!

All clean and ready for bed!

As for Ryland's brothers, Cohen is really the only one that notices him.  Carter could care less that he is here, and Jace only wants to hold him about once every 3 days. Cohen loves to hold his baby brother though.  He is getting pretty good at holding his head up and he is a good helper with him.  Yesterday morning, Justin woke up to find Cohen cleaning up the train tracks down stairs and asked him what he was doing.  Cohen replied, "Mom is just so busy with Ryland, I thought I would help her out and clean up down stairs before she got up."  What a sweet heart he can be!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Ryland's Blessing Day

A few months ago, we decided that June 1st would be the perfect day to bless our little Ryland.  Both grandparents planned their trips to all be here on that Sunday and we were set to go... or so we thought.  A couple of weeks ago, we were informed that Stake Conference would be held on June 1st. Crap. Justin and I were totally bummed out since we wanted to make it a missionary moment and invite others not of our faith to come join us on this special day.  But in the end, we decided it was more important to have family be apart of it than friends.  We talked with our Bishop and got the approval that we would be able to do it at our home.  It was a very special day none the less.  I am so blessed to have a husband worthy of the priesthood and to be able to bless our children.  We had a great lunch afterwards as well.  It was a great day!  I tried to get a good one of Ryland in his outfit... no such luck.  I'll have to try again when he is not so hungry.

 My two sweet nieces.  They LOVE baby Ryland
 The sun was super bright... can you tell?

 Telling Grandma Rigtrup how happy he is to be apart of our family.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Our Little Baby Ryland

I figured while every one is at church, now would be a good time to write down the official Ryland birth story.  Here we go:

I have never had so much false labor!  I have also never gone so long before with out going into labor.  With Cohen, my water broke 2 days before my due date.  With Jace, I was induced a week early (med school finals, we were trying to be timely with him), and with Carter, I started in labor on my own 2 days before my due date.  So when I started to have labor pains 3 weeks before my due date, I started to panic because my mom was not here yet and I really wanted to have her here, esp since Cohen is still in school and I did not want that burden on anyone else!  I started to take it real easy because I was certain too much activity would shoot me into labor.  It didn't.  My mom got here and we were go...go...go!  We shopped everyday for 7 days and NOTHING.  I even walked 1.6 miles to a dinner at a friends house to try to get me going... and nothing!  Well, I guess not nothing, I would have labor pains, but nothing that was consistent.   Then I started to panic that I would not have him before my mom was gone!  So...induction  was scheduled.  I felt like a cop out.  Like I gave in.  But the frustrating thing is I would feel pretty good all day, have crazy labor all night, and then wake up feeling fine again.  I was getting very annoyed.  So, one day after my due date, I was induced.

We arrived at Baylor at 7:45 and I was shocked at how fast they got things moving!  With in one hour of being there, I had my IV in, pit was going, my water had been broken, my penicillin was on a slow drip (I was strep B+), and the epidural was on its way.  After my epidural got in (and my blood pressure was brought back up, mine always drops when they put it in and I always feel like I'm about to either throw up or pass out!  Thankfully, neither of those happened this time) it was time to wait... and wait... and wait.  We all predicted that I would have him by 2:30 at the latest.  But once they checked me at noon, I was still only at a 4.  I find it mind boggling how different each child is when I am using all the same parts with each one! Finally, at 4, they checked me and I was at a 9!  That's also when I started to feel some pain on my right side.  I was given WAY too much epidural (when I just asked for a little drip more) and I had a hard time feeling where I was pushing.  Regardless, I started pushing at 5 pm and it took me about 6-7 contractions to get him out. Justin was a great cheerleader, as was my mom that was able to be there.  Justin was able to deliver Ryland and he did awesome.  At 5:34, Ryland made his appearance and he came out screaming! Music to any mother's ears. Tears just started streaming down my face, it was wonderful to hold him and have him just look at me!  Ryland was 7 lbs 15 oz and 20 1/2 inches long (my shortest baby yet!).  He has been a great baby.  When he is awake, he has been very somber and sweet.  His first night was a little rough at home, but I think all kids are.  But after getting him on a schedule yesterday, he only woke up twice last night!  The best part was that he would go to bed right after I fed him, heaven!  Ryland is also an awesome nurser.  He has been feeding so well and only lost 3% of his body weight when we checked out of the hospital.  The boys have been great with Ryland too.  Jace keeps calling him "it".  Can I hold it, can I touch it, can we keep it?  Cohen keeps telling me how tiny he is and how cute he is.  And Carter brings his blanket over to him and kisses him on the head, then reminds everyone to be quiet because the baby is sleeping.  

I'm a little bit in shock that I have 4 kids, but it has been such a blessing to have Ryland in our family the past few days and we all just love him so much already.   
 Sacks... party of 6... say what?!

 Awe... the smile of a 3 year old.
 My last day with my baby.  He seems so huge to me now!
 On our way to have our 4th baby.
 Grandma Rigtrup... my house has never stayed this clean with her here and my kids so happy!  We are SO grateful she came to help out (did I mention, she is 80 lbs lighter than the last time I saw her... she's amazing!)
 Labor selfie.
 Justin explaining all the monitors to my mom.  I think they got a little bored waiting on me all day.

 The boys were so excited to come see me at the hospital and even more happy to find that I had cookies.
 Ryland's first smile caught on camera.

 I think out of anyone in our family, Cohen has been the most excited for his baby brother to get here. Cohen also just came from field day at school, and dang did he smell like it too!

 Jace could really care less that he has a new brother, but he was happy to hold him for the first time.

Packing up to come home.
Ryland has been amazing so far!  The last 3 nights I have only had to get up with him once.  He smiles like crazy all the time, awake and asleep.  He keeps finding his finger and is overall just a great little baby!  Just the way I like em'!  We can't get enough of his sweet spirit! 
Welcome to the world baby Ryland!