Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My Poor Attempt

 I am so bad at taking pictures of my boys!  I do pics for every one else, but when it comes to shooting my little ones, I am less than willing because they are less than willing to pose for me. I'm going to try to get some shots of them for Halloween.  Wish me luck.  I was checking out a place to do maternity pics and since the boys were with me, I decided to try to take some pics of them.  Not my best work, but hey, I still find them pretty cute :)

And this is my very poor attempt at getting blue bonnet pics this year.  This field did have some great wild flowers though.  I love blue bonnet season in Dallas!
Saving the best for last... I actually really love this one :)  It's shows those real smiles I love!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

1st Grader

 Cohen started 1st grade at the end of August!  He is super excited, but also very nervous.  When I asked him who he was most excited to see again, he quickly answered, "Mrs. Burke!!!", his kindergarten teacher.  When he saw her, he ran so fast to give her a huge hug.  He missed her the most by far!  Cohen's new teacher is Mrs. Johanson and we all love her.  She is super sweet and great with Cohen.  He was excited to see some familiar faces in his new class too.                                                                                                

No idea where this idea came from.... but that's what he wanted to be on that day anyway :) 

 Can't believe this kid is 6!
 The boys will surly miss having their big brother around....
 ...although Carter may enjoy Cohen no teasing him all the time. 

Show me the muscle!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Minute To Win It

Justin and I have been so extremely blessed to have such amazing friends here in Mesquite. Our ward is so unique and we are so grateful for the many friends we have found!  
With that being said, there is a group of us that get together often to eat at one another's homes.  Justin and I decided to have one last party before school started and not to have just a food get together, but to play the great game, Minute To Win It.  We all laughed and had a fabulous time!   
Here are a few of the games we played:
Place pantyhose on your head with ball at the bottom, see how many water bottles you can knock down, using only your head to move the ball, in one minute.  
 Marsh mellow toss, how many can you toss into your partners mouth in one minute.
 Grab Bag: grab four different size bags using only your teeth from the floor and place it on the table in one minute

 Cookie Face: Who can get the cookie from their forehead to their mouth with only using their face muscles. 
 Sorry, Emily, but I had to post this picture... priceless!

 Skewer the Noodle: How many noodles can you skewer onto your partners stick in one minute.  This one was actually really hard!

 Block stack: How many block can you stack on your partner's head with out falling in one minute.

 Don't Blow the Joker Off: blow off the whole stack of cards except the Joker on the bottom.  Audrey (the one in the yellow) made it look WAY too easy!  She had it done in 5 seconds!
 Domino Stack:  How many Domino's can you stack on a Popsicle stick. Thanks to Yejin for holding her head up so it could be level :)

Like I said, lots of fun and laughs.  It was a blast and now it's all my boys want to play for FHE.  

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Yellow Stone

While we were in Utah, we were able to take a little mini vacation, or what we called "Justin's Mission Reunion", with some of our favorite people in this whole wide world!  We left the kids with my fantastically awesome sister and headed up with our friends Jason and his new bride Autumn.  We then met up with our besties Cody and Natalie to Natalie's grandmother's cabin for a lovely 2 night stay.  I honestly can not remember the last time I laughed that hard.  The first night we stayed up well past 2 am telling stories and laughing our heads off.  It was such great fun and so great to get a taste of Yellowstone as well! And did I mention we had no kids!!!!  It was our first time to ever leave them and it was fabulous!

 The love bird's Cody and Natalie :)
 Jason.... watching the buffalo cross the road right behind our car!
 From left to right, Justin, me, Cody, Natalie, Jason and Autumn. 
This hike brought us to the most beautiful waterfall I have ever seen!

 Seeing the natural life of so many animals was so amazing!  And the natural water holes were fascinating!

 Yellowstone... I get it!


 Blowing the smoke from Old Faithful.
 You can do better than that.....
 .....that's better!
 This is where the waterfall led into.
 NO!!! Jason!!!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Birthday Over Load- x4

 I have been such a lame blogger!  I will chalk it all up to pregnancy these last couple of months.  My "care-o-meter" is basically at a zero when I don't feel good.  Thankfully, this pregnancy has not been as bad as my other ones, but still... I feel like crap most days. 

So I figured I would do some back tracking on my blogging and start it off with all 3 birthday boys.  I never blogged about a single one (not really an excuse for that since I was not prego for a single one)!  My goal is to do one blog per day this week to get caught up.  Here we go:

Let's start off with birthday boy Mr. Cohen.  In June, my little sweet heart turned 6!  He was really into Jake and the Neverland Pirates, so we played off of that show for his birthday theme.  It was a big hit!
Cohen decided it would be best to start off with really wanting to be a pirate the night before by hitting his eye on the table.  Way to go kiddo. 

 I love summer birthday's because you can always do something involving water and out side.  My 2 favorite things!

 Mr. Aiden on top and Miss. Callie below.  Cohen has some great friends!
 Playing "Hit the Pirate" with water balloons. What kid does not love water balloons...umm.... no kid...ever. 
 Here is our happy bunch!  We have been so blessed with lots of great friends here!

 The big prize, a new bike for the birthday boy!
 Now to work on taking those training wheels off!

 What would a blog post be with out a weird face from this kid.  I swear, he really knows how to work those facial muscles. 

 This birthday boy was sure spoiled rotten! We love him dearly!

Next up... My little Jacer Man.  

For Jace's birthday we decided to head out to do some bowling and games at this huge event center in Plano.  Sadly, I have no pictures of it.  But just know that Jace loved it, and was so happy to have this day all about him.  
 Thanks to the great suggestions from friends, Jace's gift were a total hit!  He loved the stomp rocket the most!

 Jace is my total sweet heart.  He is just so easy to get a long with and just one happy kid..... except when he is tired, then he is a total grump....aren't we all  :) 

Now on to my little Cart-Cart.  This kid has so much personality it's ridiculous.  

 So excited to eat some batter... just like his mommy.
 Even though Carter is two now and a full blown toddler, he is totally still my baby!

One of my good friend's called me about a groupon to a circus that would be on the day of Carter's birthday, so we made a night out of it and had hot dogs and hamburgers, and then headed out to the circus.  The kids loved it and had so much fun watching all the animals. 

These twins are obsessed with babies.  They loved hanging out with my birthday boy that night.  Carter... not so sure what this look is he is trying to pull.

Happy 2nd Birthday my little man!

And lastly.... my main man Justin.  In September, he turned 32 and again I turned to good ol' groupon for a great idea of what to do.... a Segway tour of downtown Dallas.  Justin had always said he wanted to ride on a Segway, so off I went to make his dreams come true. I was so super sick that day, but was able to keep my stomach in place and have a little fun with him.  It was a great day date, I highly recommend trying one!!

 Taking a trial run.
 Beaming with Segway pride.