Sunday, June 30, 2013

NKOTB... they totally have the right stuff!

So I understand I might lean a little bit on the obsessed side of these kids (exhibit A), but come on... New Kids on the Block are classic!  They paved the way for other boy bands like Nsync, Back Street Boys, 98 Degrees and on and on.... even down to One Direction!  So when I saw a groupon for tickets to see these guys (including one of my all time favs, Boys II Men), I was TOTALLY in!  I got the tickets months ago and the anticipation of it did not disappoint! I was so happy to share this moment with some awesome girls from my ward!  It was fun to get dressed up and scream like the teen age crazed girl I felt like that night.  The first group that came out was Boys II Men and they were A-Mazing!!  I was surprised that I still could sing word for word every song they belted out. They sang for about 45 min, and then 98 Degrees took a turn.  I was never a huge 98 Degrees fan, but I did not mind at all having to watch them, esp Nick Lachey.... yum. They had a quick intermission and then my heart started racing... it was happening... I was going to see New Kids On The Block... LIVE!!!  They took a full 2 hours and it left me totally wanting more!!!  They had lights, pyrotechnics, fog, fireworks, a stage that raised up and down, tall pedestals that took them high in the sky, confetti, balloons, and most of all, they had those great dance moves and awesome singing voices!  I was in heaven.  I screamed like a crazed fan should and loved every second of it.  Here is a clip from their show.  I wanted to bring my camera, but Justin forbid it so I am relying on others for pics.  This video is actually of their Cleveland show but I can't tell the difference from ours to theirs.

All dressed up and ready to GO!!!

 The wonderful ladies that went with me.  Me, Audrey Brown, Nadene Minyard, and Glaucia Lind. So lucky to have them for friends!
 mmmm.... Donnie.

 Joey was just as cute as he was when he was known as "The Kid" 25 years ago!

These two bottom ones are from our show:

And to top it off, their new album is actually really great!  Its called NKOTB 10.

Here is one of their new songs:

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Summer Fun

It is definitely summer in Texas now!  The weather is hot and muggy and we are finding our selves in swimming gear quite often.  I love it!  Carter is getting more and more brave with the water and Jace and Cohen could not be happier to spend time running around in it.  Cohen is TERRIFIED to have his water wings off in any pool, but we are working on it. Unfortunately, I totally missed the dead line for swim lessons in Mesquite so we might just have to try it out on our own again this year (which if it is any indication for last years attempts, I predict total failure).  I guess the splash pads will have to continue to be our friend. 
 Need something entertaining for the kiddos, get some squirters and wash a car.  It took us about 2 hours to wash it and they loved it!

Picnic in the kitchen. Jace is LOVING having his brother back home again as am I!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Cali Trip... Soaking it all in!

Here we are.. day 7 and we made a very big effort to spend as much time on the beach as possible.  I believe by the time we left, we had been out there for a good 7 hours.  Heaven.
Also, I tried boogie boarding.  It was so fun and I got a good 6 runs out of it. Getting into the ocean was so cold at first but then it felt great after I finally just submerged!  Justin was a good teacher and we had so much fun boarding together!

 Soaking in all the sun I can get!
 I think Carter's face is so funny here!
 What's a beach day with out someone getting buried.

The next day was Sunday.  We went to sacrament meeting and headed for the air port.  Unfortunately, we got stuck at the air port and did not get home until 4am.  Blah.  It was a long trip home but considering the amount of fun we had with Justin's family, it was worth every second of travel!  Thanks to John and Kathi for being the best in-laws and making this whole trip possible!  We had a BLAST!!!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Cali Trip- Day 5... Awe, beach time is the best time!

On day 5 we had a full day of beach fun.  It was awesome.  Have I mentioned the weather was amazing the week we were there?  Well, it was A-Mazing.  Carter was so funny.  You know how babies act when you set them in grass for the first time... that was Carter every day.  He had to get used to the sand on a daily basis.  But by the end of day 5, he was loving it!
 Our day begins with lunch on the beach.

 For a while, Carter just played in his stroller.  He was not interested in the sand.
 On the other hand, this little girl was all about the sand.

 Vegging with Dad.
 I could not just pick on, so I picked them all.  I love my baby Carter...yes, he is still my little baby!

 Justin was trying to talk Carter into dipping his toes in the water, he was not interested.

 Turns out he was tired and was ready for a nap on the beach instead (notice the sand in this kids hair and the sandwich he fell sleep eating under his chin).....
 ... and so was Jace and Daddy.
 Uncle Dave was great to help the kiddos build a sand castle.

 So I have no idea what this was on the beach, but we thought it was fitting as a hat.

 Somewhere under here is a little boy named Jace.
 After our day at the beach, we headed over to Brent and Erin's (Justin's sister) for some dinner.
 Little Lilly
 Snuggle time with Aunt Lori.
 Grandma was always good to give out the treats.
 This little cutie was my pal.  She LOVED me.... and I mean LOVED me.  Every time I saw her, she would come right to me and love on me.  Daisy is such a sweetie pie and I love her dearly!
And the sun sets on another beautiful day....