Friday, May 31, 2013

Cali Trip- Day 4-Happy Birthday to ME!

In the Sacks family, every time the word "birthday" is said, on your birthday, the song must be sung.  And if you did not know this before, I will tell you now, Justin's parents are VERY musically incline.  Justin's dad sang in the Mormon Tabernacle choir and he mom is a genius when it comes to music, so when I get my birthday song every year, it sounds like angels from heaven.  I think my mother in law sang it to me about a dozen times that day.  It was wonderful. 
This year was quite different from the rest.  First of all, I was not pissed off about my birthday.  How could I be, I was woken up to the sound of the ocean! Second if all, I am super optimistic about this 31st year of my life. It's going to be great!  And 3rd, I was surrounded by people that loved me and showed me that all day long.  Last year, I was annoyingly sick and did nothing, it was super lame.  This year totally made up for it.

We started the day off with a trip to the farmers market in Oceanside.  My mother in law bought me some super cute earrings and my father in law bought me a super good strawberry crepe.  The only bad thing was I got yelled at by a crazy lady selling her hummus.  This story must be told:
I was casually walking down the lane of the farmers market when I came across a long line of hummus samples.  I grabbed a piece of sample pita bread and grabbed a spoon to try some of the dip.  I got too much on my bread and scooped a little bit off before I ate it.  That's when I heard someone yelling, and I mean yelling:
"What are you doing?  This is not your home!"  
me-"what?" completely confused as to why she was yelling at me
"What do you think you are doing, you can't do that! Don't you know that's against  the health code?"
me-"I just did not want to take too much of it"
"Well, now you ruined it"
She proceeds to take the entire jar of dip and throws the whole thing out.
Wow, sorry lady, I did not know I had to be up to date on my health codes before entering into your presence.  What a raunchy lady.. good luck with selling that hummus, brat. 
Then I proceeded to think of all the nasty things I could of said to her for the next 30 minutes. 

Ok, onto better things now.  
So then Jace feel asleep in the stroller and peed in front of this lady's store.  I wonder if that is against health code, oh well, good job Jace. 

After changing Jace, we headed to Sand Diego to see some awesome ships and submarines. 

 I truly have the sweetest father in law...ever!
  Posing for the picture.  These are the bunkers of the US submarine.

 I can only imagine I would feel like this if I had to control even a small section of the buttons and knobs.

 Hanging out with Papa.
 The kids took a boat ride out to see some of the other ships, I did not go because of the fear of Carter crawling off the boat and sea sickness, I was not about to be sick on my birthday again!
 This ship was in the Pirates of the Caribbean.
Dave and Lori, it has been a long time since we had seen them and their 2 cute kids, it was so much fun to hang out with them all week!

 I wonder if Johnny Depp touched one of these?
 For sure he touched this!
 Cohen wanted me to take a picture of him.. and then he did this.  Such a poser.
 What kind of brain do you have to come up with all these knobs and wires and pipes and know how to work them.  It blows my mind to even think about how it all works together.
 These were the crawl holes to get into each compartment of the Russian Sub.  I wonder how many people bumped their heads when going through these?
 For dinner, we went out on the Pier and ate at Ruby's with the whole family.  It was fabulous.
 31 here I come!
 Can I just say how much I love this man.  The best part of vacation was being able to see him every day, all day for 11 days!  He is so kind and loving and just plain wonderful.  For my birthday, he totally surprised me with a new camera!
 This is my niece Lilly. She is so so super sweet and had a total connection with Justin.  She sat there and signed to him during dinner and called him her friend.
 And by far the best part of the day, my mother in law fulfilled my ultimate request...chocolate lava cake.  Divine!
I had a fantastic day!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Cali Trip... Day 3-SEA WORLD!!!

Wednesday was such a fabulous day to go to Sea World. Cohen had been talking about it for months and it was finally here!  And the thing I am most proud of, other than parking and our tickets, we did not spend a dime.  I refused to be ripped off any more than I already was ($15 for parking... ummm... no, you get no more of my money!).  It was a little chilly when we first arrived, but soon warmed up to a perfect 72 degrees for the day and there were no crowds! Like I said.. perfect.
And now, for the explosion of pictures.  
 We saw the temple on the way to Sea World. So beautiful!
 Like I said, it was a little chilly when we first arrived, so Cohen sported Grandmas jacket for a little while :)
 Our day begins.  I got this hat months ago for our trip.  I was certain I was not going to burn my crack, as I like to say, or in other words, the part in my hair, I hate it when I get burned.  And I can now say, it was a complete success!
 Feeding the stingrays, Cohen never ended up doing it though because every time a fish got close, he got scared and pulled his hand out. 

 They had this great new addition that was all sesame street themed.  Even Carter could ride on the rides they had.  
 Waiting on Shamu.

 Me, Kathi (my mother in law) and Lori (my sister in law).  These are some great women and I love them dearly!
 Don't you just love this stage, they insist on pushing the stroller but get angry when they need help to go straight or to not run into other people. 

 Checking out the fish with Mom-Mom.
 .... and Jace is out.

 The best part of the day was taking Cohen on his first roller coaster.  The pictures say it all.

All done!

 It was about this time that Carter's fever started to really hit hard.  At least he held out till the end.

 I love little Miss Leilah, she has such a beautiful smile.