Thursday, February 7, 2013

It's About Time...

When ever you start dating someone, you quickly realize who your new friends are going to be.  Mostly because of double dates and meeting his new friends.  Well, I also very quickly realized that Justin had some amazing friends.  And 2 of those friends were from his mission.  Cody and Jason.  The Bachelors.  Jason had been through so many women, it was hard to keep track of them, and Cody, I can remember 2.  One that made it into our wedding video, and the one I met at my wedding reception, that one year later, would be his wife!  Well, as Cody and Justin both enjoyed married life, we very patiently waited for Jason to catch up.  We hung out all the time with one another, and although Jason always picked out some amazing girls to date, they just never seemed to be "The One".  Until it was.  Jason called us out of the blue and told us what we had been waiting to hear for a long time, "Guys, I'm getting married!"  
What?!  When?!  Where?!  We were elated!  Like could not be more happy for this kid.  But the next part was the best part.  Jason told us he was getting married to a girl from Texas and they were getting married in the Dallas temple!!!!  Double what?!?  The temple is like 30 min from our house... oh yes, we will be there!!!  It was not too long after that, that Cody and Natalie quickly joined in on the fun and decided to fly down for such a momentousness occasion.  We were back, the mission buddies were back together!!!  It was one of the best weekends and we were so happy for the happy new couple.  The wedding was beautiful, Jason's new wife is amazing and we are already planning for our next big reunion together!  Good job Justin, you sure know how to pick'em.

 Cody and Natalie and the kids enjoying our Sunday tradition, chocolate chip cookies and Americas Funniest Videos.
Lift that kitchen aid... lift!
mmm.. the best part... cookie dough!
  They were suppose to be putting on the swagger, but I think Justin just smells something funny. 

 The happy new couple!
 The happy old couples :)
 My boys were big fans of Cody and Natalie's little girl Londyn!

 So I thought, warm August wedding, I'll wear something bright and fun.  Nope, her wedding colors were black and blue.  I stood out like a sore thumb.

 And what would a visit to Mesquite be with out the Rodeo.  I think it's the place we like to visitors to the best.

 It's a good think Auntie Natalie was around, cause other wise my boys would of not been so spoiled with pony rides at the Rodeo.

 I love Carters face in this picture, priceless.