Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Good Times

 There is one thing in this life I have always been so super blessed with.  That is number one, a great family.  Seriously, my parents are the best and they created a great family!  But secondly, is friends.  When I was growing up I had some A-Mazing girls in my ward.  When I moved to college, I was so blessed with awesome roommates.  When Justin and I got married, wow... could not pick better couple friends than the ones we always hung out with.  Toledo- yep, A+ people in our ward that I miss SO much!  So in moving to Texas, I already knew I would be close to my sister (score!) and also close to one of my old friends from my home town (which was great moving into a place I had never lived).  Then I met some great people in my ward.  It's always nice to be able to have someone to rely on that lives super close (like if you need to run an errand real quick and the kids are napping and you just don't want to take them!).  Well, every couple of months, these new Texas friends get together and do some great things.  The first group of pics is of us at a Karaoke night.  We first ate at an amazing Korean place and then went to this Korean Karaoke place.  Wow, is was so fun!!!  The last picture is of one of my favorite couples, Glaucia and Zach.  We signed up with groupon for this deal called Fill A Seat.  $40 for 2 people for a year.  You get on their site and any time they have an event that did not sell out, they give you the tickets for free!!!  Such a great deal!!!  And living in Dallas, there are tons of events.  So off we went for dinner and a night of comedy. It was fabulous!

 Duet time!

This place was super authentic and so so good!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

2 Great Days in 1 Great Week!

Our week started out with snow and ended with a warm day at the park.  Just the way I like it!

It was hard to believe it was the first time for Carter to play in the snow.  He hated it.
 Jace on the other hand, loved it.

 Although Carter did love eating the snow.

 FYI- Dum-Dums make great eyes and mouth for snowmen.
 Just  enough for a snowman and a couple of snow angels.

I put gloves on this kid about 6 times.  He would cry that his hands were cold, but would not keep them on.  Crazy kid!

 On Friday, I ate lunch with my favorite Kindergartner. I've eaten with him about 5 times and each time I pack a lunch.  He begged me to bring him something, and "not from home".  I gave in. Love Sonic!

The kid behind Cohen was in trouble and stared at us the whole time.  I think he had Sonic envy.

 Carter loves drinking out of my water bottle.  It's half his size.

 We went on a little walk at the park too.  And below are my favorite trees here in Texas.  I just love the crazy shaped branches!

 Daddy playing monster at the park.  
  It was perfect weather.  I think it was in the 70s.  I actually was hot.  Love Texas winters!!!
 I am totally impressed with Cohen's reading skills.  Carter loves to be read to so it's a win-win.

 And lastly  I pulled this baby out to see if I still could fit in it.  I worked all last year to loose about 15 lbs and I am proud to say, I still fit into it.  Carter loved my hoop slip. 

Monday, January 14, 2013

3 Trips to Toys R Us later....

... and we finally have our easel.  A few weeks before Christmas, Justin and I roamed the incredibly messy aisles of Toys R Us to check out some things for the boys.  Toy R Us seriously stresses me out.  
Number one, it was the most messy store I have every been in (granted it was Saturday night, about 10 days before Christmas, but still!). 
 And second, there are just too many options, and Justin and I are so very indecisive.  We finally decided an easel would be a great investment.
  The one we wanted was like $100 (typical, I have expensive taste), but we found one that was in a box that looked as if it had been run over by a truck.  I love things like this because you can always ask for more off the price.  I have a radar for things like this.  Once, I found a shirt at Kohl's with chocolate on it (weird... I know) but I asked if I could have a discount on it.  The shirt ended up costing $3.  Nice.  So we asked if we could have a discount and they gave it to us for more than half the regular price (like $30)!!!  So we brought it home, wrapped the trashy box up and Christmas morning, found out it was missing all the hardware and instructions.  So we took it back, got a different one, brought it home... and still... no hardware or instructions, grrrr.  So back again we went for our 3rd trip.  This time, I got a BRAND NEW box, checked everything before I left the store, and now... we have our easel.  The boys love it, I love that I still got the same price for the new, nicely boxed one as I got for the crap one,  and we are all happy!

 Cohen's depiction of our family in our Hotel in California, (we are going in May and he talks about it daily, to say he is excited is an understatement :)

I love seeing my kid's crafty side!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Jace's Big Day!

Jace turned a new leaf today.  Today, he became a Sunbeam! We sang all morning, "Jesus wants Jace for a sunbeam, to shine for him each day..."  He was so excited to join Cohen in Primary and be a big kid.  As soon as sacrament meeting was over, he quickly helped me gather our normal Sunday mess, and held my hand tight as we walked to the Primary room.  I sat him down with his other new class mates and he started to look a little nervous.  I assured him that it was going to be so much fun and started to walk away just as I heard a scared little voice call to me.... "Mommy wait.... umm.... umm....where's Harley?".  Harley is a super cute little girl that claims to be Jace's girlfriend. I pointed out that she was right be hind him, he turned around, smiled at her, and he was all set.  It was not until 10 minutes before church was over that Cohen came into my class telling me that Jace wanted to go home and that he was falling asleep!!!  What?!  I went out in the hall way to find a tired little 3 year old that was not quite ready for 1pm church and missing a nap.  He said he wanted to go home.  So, he sat on my lap the last 10 minutes of Relief Society and nearly fell asleep.  I guess being a Sunbeam was a little boring and he was falling asleep in his chair  :)

The best part was when I asked Jace what he did in Primary, he replied... "I did nothin, it was boring."  
Better luck next week!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Couldn't Resist

Justin couldn't resist a little photoshop fun. He calls this the "explosion walk". We clean up after it everyday.... The original is in my previous post.

Friday, January 4, 2013

So Blessed...

We had a great Christmas here at the Sacks home.  Justin got some time off AND his parents came into town too, double great!!!!  I love my in laws.  The only down side  was that our home was infested with sickness.  First it was Cohen, then Carter (seriously, the kid pooed about 12 times on Christmas day), then Jace, and then it finally landed on me.  It hit out house pretty hard, but thankfully left a couple of days after our visitors came so we could enjoy some time with them.  I am so lucky to have the in-laws that I have.  They are such loving people and care about our family so much.  We will be excited to see them again in about 5 months when we meet them in California for a week on the beach!
Here are our highlights:
Spending an awesome, lazy, happy Christmas day at home:
First we will start with our Christmas card.  The budget was tight this year so only family and a couple of friends got them, but here is what it looked like anyway :)

After seeing lights on Christmas Eve, we came home, opened books and pjs and played the pickle game (where you hide a pickle ornament on the tree and the first to find it get's a prize).

 Love this face!

 Christmas morning!

So excited!

For Christmas this year, Justin and I went the route of thoughtful gifts for each other.  I made him a book filled with stories from his family of why they loved Justin... it was a winner. Justin made me a web site for my photography!!!  He spent so much time on it, I was so excited!!
 The Big Wheel.

 Yes, it did snow in Texas. Only 1/2 an inch stuck, but the boys were still ecstatic to go out side and play in it.

The week after Christmas, my in laws came!!!!
I felt really sick the first couple of days they were here and Jace had the runs so bad, so Jace and I missed out on the Christmas Rodeo, but I heard it was great and every one loved it that went.

Next we went to an African Safari wild life park... for kids. (Sorry for the crap cell phone pics)
It was a pretty cute little play place.  

We also took John and Kathi to our favorite movie place where they have combined restaurant and movie together and you sit at tables and you can see new release movies, we saw The Hobbit. Also, the food is actually really good!

We played a lot of Wii, Sorry and other games, ate a lot of food, laughed a ton and just flat out had a good time.  We will miss our company terribly!!! 

 Bust a move....

 Let's try that again....