Friday, December 21, 2012

Bad Timing...

Since Cohen has started school, he has been in great health.  I was sure he was going to get the typical beginning of school sickness, but he didn't and my other boys have been healthy too.  In fact, I think we have had the longest healthy streak ever in our family.  Enter yesterday.  Cohen woke up yesterday and said he did not feel good, but after breakfast, he said he was feeling better and off to school he went. Then when I picked him up his teacher said he had been complaining all morning about not feeling good but was sent to the nurse and did not have a fever.  So I brought him home, wrapped him up in a warm blanket, stuck him on the couch and he rested.  After about 30 min he said he was fine.  So we made TONS of candy together and had a great time.  Then he was cold again, so I warmed up a blanket in the dryer for him and next thing I know....

He went to go get the blanket, crawled into the dryer, and fell asleep.  FOR ALMOST 2 HOURS!!!  I know.. bad that I left him, but I figure, it if he was tired... why not leave him alone.  So now... enter last night.  He comes in our room with horrid croup and can hardly breath.  We through him in the hot shower at 1:30 a.m., got him to calm down, and put him back to bed.  This same thing happened again at 5 a.m. So, now he is missing his Christmas party and music program (that Justin took work off for) to instead go to the dr.  What crappy timing!  We were suppose to go out with a bunch of friend too tonight to go and karaoke.  What bad timing!!!  I hope my little guy get's better soon!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Mi Familia

 Here is this years family pics...

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Thanksgiving and Christmas

I have been SO bad at taking pictures of my kids lately.  It's been a bunch of crappy cell phone pics as of late, and they are hardly showable.  But here I go anyway!

For Thanksgiving, my parents came to Dallas!!!  I LOVE my parents, as all people love their parents, but I really do LOVE them so much!  I can not go a day with out checking in with my Mom and my Dad is just one bowl full of knowledge about every little thing.  So, needless to say, I was SO happy to see the both of them.  Also, our good friends from Toledo, the Tollers, joined us for the feast as well!  

One of the days my parents were here, they came to my house for the day and we decided to entertain them by a trip to the Bass Pro Shop to go see Santa.  The kids LOVED seeing Santa, and I love that they have tons of things for the kids to play with while the parents wait for forever in line to see Santa.  Also, they give out free pics with Santa, a total bonus for me since I am such a cheepo and would never pay for something like that! I was secretly hoping that I would get a good crying pic from Carter, but I think with the enthusiasm of his brothers (and the endless dum-dum's from Grandma), he decided it was ok. 

Carter and cousin Addy seeing the trains at the mall. 

After turkey nap for Grandma and Grandpa.

 My dad at the Bass Pro shop.

Cohen is a perfect example of how exhausted we all were the week of Thanksgiving with running to my sisters all the time with my parents staying there, worth every mile though :).  

As for Christmas, we have been very busy.  I have been busy with pictures and I some how got put in charge of the entire ward party!  We also had a great service activity and made the necklaces below for a woman's shelter.  My van was completely full with donations for the shelter and I was overwhelmed with the service of the ward.  Both activities were quite the job that kept me busy for weeks.  
 Our elf on the shelf.. Riddles 

 Cohen played a shepherd in the kids nativity.  He was super cute in it!

Defrosting the turkeys for the ward party.  Rubba-dub-dub, 3 turkeys in a tub!

The boys made a count down chain to Grandma and Grandpa coming.  

And now, I am just counting down to Christmas.  I decided to forgo Christmas cards this year (sorry, only a few select will be getting them this year!).  The boys are SO excited and the best part is we get to have my in laws here for a whole week after Christmas when Justin has a whole week off!!!!  We can't wait!

And some added gems.... Jaces face when he does not get his way.  

And our morning ritual when our heater broke.  My very sweet neighbor let us use her space heaters and my boys LOVED them.  

Friday, December 7, 2012

Why We Love the Dum-Dum

I tried to cut out the first part of the video but was not successful, just wait till about the middle.  I love this face he does.  And he does it just about every time we pop out a dum-dum.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Here I go....

I have now FINALLY started my Photography business... like a real one.  There is a huge emphasis on STARTING so don't expect too much.  But in the last month, I have finally started a facebook page and now I have started a blog for it.  I have been doing a ton of pictures lately, so I hope to post all of those soon.  I really do love taking pictures, and I even love editing them (even though my time spent on them can be frustrating because I am still learning).  But here it is if any one is interested.
My official Julie Sacks Photography blog:

Gravitational Pull

For some reason, every time I see a garage sale sign (which it ironically quiet often in my neighborhood), I always feel a strong gravitational pull towards it.  The question will constantly pop up in my mind, what am I missing if I don't just go take a look.  Most the time I just drive by them just so I can satisfy my curiosity.  I never buy clothes cause there is just something about that that does not sit well with me, but furniture and decor is what reels me in.  So a few weeks ago, there was one just down the alley way and I decided to go take a quick look.  I have been wanting a side table in my living room for a long time and when I came up to this:

I knew it would be perfect!  It's solid and heavy and the drawers are nice and deep.  The owner noticed me looking at it and said he would give it away for $1.  SOLD!!!  I then wheeled it home and started to work on it.  There is just something about redoing things like this that just makes me so happy.  It's almost like therapy to me.  Here is the end product.  I LOVE IT!!!!