Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dentally retarded.

I have some bad news.  Justin is dentally retarded.  Like I'm not even joking a little.  This kids had braces for 7 years people.  He was born with out 2 of his teeth and before he went on his mission, like literally, the day before he went, he got implants.  He has been through 7 surgery's now (4 of those being bone grafts) and once again, he is going through it again.  He has had problems with them for a while now but we knew it was going to be expensive to fix since hardly any insurance covers it.  His first time around cost about 10K.  Well, here we are.... 12 years later... and we find out, he needs new implants, another bone graft, and it's going to run us about 12K now.  Ahhhhhh!!! I swear, when it rains, it freaking pours.  The last year and a half has been crazy hard financially, and dentally.  I had to have a root canal, 2 crowns and one cavity.  Cohen had to have 4 cavities, 2 root treatments, and 2 crowns, and now this.  Are you kidding me!  People, I don't know if you understand this, but we don't have that kind of moneys.  And then to add onto that, we had to fix our foundation (far from being a cheap fix), our van had some fixing up to be had and our air conditioner just went out.  PLUS, Justin has been getting his medical licence and that's another 4 grand to get.  Needless to say, we are waiting for some air, because we are drowning.

Wow, that was off the subject.  So, back to Justin being dentally retarded.  After many visits with different oral surgeons, we came across one that was an MD and a DDS that we liked.  Justin had his first appointment a few months ago and since he felt for us (knowing how much residents make) he told Justin he was going to give us "a little discount".  At least that's what he told us. But when Justin went to the financial lady to get the skinny on how much this would run us, he found out that the glorious Dr gave us a 50% discount.  Ladies and gentlemen, can I get a HALLELUJAH!!!!  That's right people, he knocked off $6000 off the price of this whole thing. I cried.  In the end, we decided to just get one of the two implants taken care of because it's still too much money to do both right now.  So, about 3 weeks ago, I took Justin in to get his implant out and a bone graft done. In 6 months he will go back in to get the post and then we will go in a 3rd time for the tooth to be attached.  I was secretly hoping he would be totally crazy after the surgery and say some fun things, but he was not as loopy as I had hoped.  But I did get some good things:

He is finally healing up and feeling a little better.  I keep telling him to look on the bright side, he has a great hill billy costume, just pop out his tooth on his retainer, put on a mullet wig and hand out some ketchup packets for Halloween!

 He literally slept all day.  From about 9am to 5pm. 
I think Carter knew something was up because he just laid with Justin here for like 30 min.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I LOVE having a room in the house to call my own. I figure if the hubby has his office at work, I need one as well, right?!  And even though I know I will not be able to keep it forever (it will be Cohen's room someday) for now, it is all mine. So I wanted to make it all my own and do some fun colors.   I first started painting one wall.  I started taping and then thought, oh wait, I need a before picture.  So here it is in mid process.  
PS I love this Frog Tape.  It leaves the best straight lines...ever! And it's just as much as blue painters tape but works 100x better. Also, if you are ever planning on doing this, use a level with a laser to get the straight lines, works so much easier than eye balling it.
A total mess, I know.  This is why this room needed a little TLC.

All done!  I'm thinking I will do the same thing in our toy room, I am in love.
 I still plan on getting some picture frames up, but for now, it's just a mirror.. and Justin's total gym...
 New curtains!

Next, I needed some furniture for this room.  I have wanted an armiore for the last few years.  I saw one on line that this lady did for a "craft closet".  My first thought-genius.  So after MUCH looking on craigstlist, I came upon this beauty for $50.  It was a steal.  It is super heavy duty and had everything I wanted.  
Now to add a little color, crazy to choose green?  Maybe, but I love it!

 I threw on some new hard ware, organized the heck out of it and now, my room is complete!

I have been really wanting a table over my new washer and dryer so instead of just doing a new table, I decided to just go ahead and redo the whole room.  I love the white and blue look, it just looks so clean and crisp to me.

 I was a little mad that when I got married and my boss of 5 years let me have all the old bank chairs for my gift from him.  Thanks boss for not spending a dime and for the old chairs. I finally had a vision in mind of what might spruce these chairs up.  TA-DAAAA.... my new sewing room totally needs a cute chair in it!  I will be doing the other chair soon, I love the new cover and the white chair!  And for those of you that are impressed, don't be, this seriously took me an hour to do.  Spray paint, a little polyurethane and stapled the new cover on... wa-laa!
 And lastly a favorite picture of mine.  Love these little guys and how great they do to let me do all my endless projects!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Changing Our World

When your first child starts school, it is a complete game changer.  Life before school is what ever I wanted it to be.  I was free to travel, run errand, basically do what ever I wanted.  But once school starts, it changes EVERYTHING.  And I don't do well with change.  I have had a hard time adjusting to Cohen being gone, but the more he is in school, the better things seem to be.  He is learning so much more than I ever taught him in the last year and I think it's been great for him to have some structure and learning to follow by the rules at school.  And if you are wondering, yes, I bald like a blubbering baby.  For at least a week before school started.  I was proud to say I did not cry at the school, but I did for sure cry the whole way home. 
The weekend before school started was a great one for me and the boys.  I decided to break out the tent in the living room and let the boys have a little camping adventure.  We made cookies and read tons of books, they were in heaven.  

I don't know if you can tell, but this was the night before Kindergarten started.  Cohen was pretty excited.
Reading a book my sister gave to Cohen, "The night before Kindergarten". 

This look of Carter's is classic, and by that I mean he does this look ALL THE TIME. Particularly to strangers.
The day was finally here.  Cohen wanted pancakes for breakfast, so pancakes he got.  He kept asking me why we had to get up so early.  Oh child, don't you know, this is how the rest of your life will be :)

Cohen has a tendency to close his eyes when he smiles, this is what I got when I said open your eyes more.  

Jace was just as excited about taking Cohen to school as Cohen was going to school... until he realized he was not staying.

Dr. Joey Pirrung Elementary school.  Cohen told me just the other day, "Mom, you picked the best school ever."  I tried my dear.

I LOVE this face on Jace.  My sister put it perfectly, Jace has play dough envy. 

Mrs. Burkes class.  Cohen LOVES school.  I went back and forth if I should send him this year.  In the end, we decided it would be best for him and by we, I mean, everyone but me : /  Seriously though, I am glad he has school now and someone else teaching him because Cohen and I did not do as well as I hoped working on pre-school together every day. Plus it's been great to spend more time with my little Jacer's and Cart-Cart. 
Cohen did tell me when he came home from school, "Mom, I just love school and now it's in my heart".  He has also told me about a girl that has black hands and a black face and another girl with a big belly.  Oh how observant kids can be.

I love these boys!

 I love this smile on Jace.  It shows complete and true happiness!
 Silly faces with Mom. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

I have something I need to get off my chest....

I have a couple of pet peeves that I just need to vocalize.  If you are looking for a post about warm fuzzies and rainbows... then look away and check back later.  And if you do any of these pet peeves, that's perfectly fine, I may type them out that it may bother me, but I assure you, I will not tell you that to your face.... I'm that nice.

PP Number 1:  I have 3 boys.  Duh, right?  I love my boys and wish with all my heart that I had a girl, but I don't so I will stick with taking care of the 3 cutest boys in this world.  And since I have no girls to doll up every day, I have to do my best with my boys.  Now, in my home growing up, my brothers ALWAYS looked nice at church.  And if you have ever gone to church with me, you know my boys are always dressed  in Sunday appropriate clothes.  It's just what I was taught.  I iron their white shirts and pants, they always either have a vest or tie on and ALWAYS where Sunday shoes.  (well, except for this one time that I forgot to bring them on vacation and Cohen had to wear tennis shoes, I was mortified).  So this brings me to my pet peeve.  It bothers me when parents that have a boy AND a girl and only get their girl ready for church.  GRRRR!  Why, why do people do this.  It bothers me, on a level that it should not.... but it does.  It makes me cringe a little when I see a family walk into church and their girls have hair done, bows in the hair, and cute dresses on.... then the boys follow behind and look like they are ready to go to the park to play.  Now, I am not saying that you must iron and dress to the 9s.  But for heavens sake, comb the hair, slap some Sunday shoes on and leave the denim at home. Disclaimer: this does not apply to those who can not afford to dress the kids or investigators to the church. I'm not that harsh.

PP Number 2:  Dirty baseboards.  I don't know what it is, but I can't stand them.  Especially in the bathroom, and ESPECIALLY if there is hair stuck to it.  It makes me want to vomit.  Now, I understand mine are not the cleanest cause lets face it, I have 3 boys that sometimes ride there scooters in the house (that's right, I let them do that on occasion) and they do get banged up.  But, they are free of hair, food, and dirty spots. When I was house shopping, this was a deal breaker for me.  It's that bad.

PP Number 3:  I first must say, my husband does this all the time, and he knows it bothers me, but yet he still does it.  Cracking your knuckles.  The noise of it is enough to send chills down my spine.  I can't stand to even think about the bones rubbing against each other to make such a noise.  I can talk about it any more.  Next.....

PP Number 4:  The phrase I get EVERY TIME I GO SOMEWHERE with my boys, "3 boys huh, they must keep you busy?".  Yes, good job, you can count to 3.  And if it was a boy and 2 girls, would that not be just as busy.  It used to not bother me, but after a million times of hearing it, people, I get it, I have 3 children and they all have the xy chromosome.  But I have now come up with a very mundane answer that has turned this bad boy around into more of a positive light: "Yep, and they sure are fun to have".  Even if Cohen is running wild, Jace is crying about something and Carter is screaming at the top of his lungs, this is what I say.  Sometimes I get a really shocked look that I would actually be enjoying my own children, but for the most part people reply, "I'm sure they are...hahahaha".  Your so funny.

And lastly PP Number 5:  I have a very clear understanding of what my husband has and will go through to have the job that he wants.  And I know it's hard for people to understand all that goes into it with out doing it them selves. I'm sure I would have a hard time understanding it too.  But let's just add it up to make sure we all understand.  5 years at BYU, 4 years at Toledo Med school, 5 years at Baylor for Residency and lastly, 1-3 years (depending on what Justin decides to do) for a fellowship.  That's 15-17 years of schooling to do what Justin will be doing to be a Radiologist.  It is NOT the same as a Radiology Tech.  Now, I am not the type to be running around exclaiming that my husband is a doctor, in fact, I think I have only told maybe 3 people that, but give the kid some recognition.  After all, it is about a 13 year difference in training.  Oh, and Justin does do more than sit in a dark room and look at pictures.  Before Justin even decided to do Radiology, he would always tell me that they are the smartest doctors because they have to know everything about the body so they can tell the other doctors what's wrong.  I'm just saying... my husband is smart... and I love him... and I think he's hot... even with out hair :)

Hope you all enjoyed my little rant and I hope I did not offend anyone for it.  I feel much better now that that's off my chest.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Summer In A Nut House... Shell

It's that time again... you know the one... the time that I play catch up and try to fake my self out that I am actually going to be better at blogging again only to disappoint my self in a month. I do have a good excuse this time though.  I lost my beloved Photoshop!  Our computer was having major issues and we had to give it a good cleaning.  I have my Photoshop back, which means I can fixed and convert my pictures again and can therefore, blog again.  So... here we go.
We will first start out with a HUGE project that Justin and I worked on for weeks.  When we moved to this house, there was about 10 bushes (rose and just leafy ones) in our back yard.  It totally obstructed our view of the boys and the kids kept scratching them selves on the thorns of the roses so we decided it was best to rip them out and put down sod.  We learned the true meaning of manual labor.  Holy Toledo was this hard.  In Texas, roots don't grow down, they grow out, so we had TONS of roots to deal with and we both got beat up with the thorns.  But it's all done and it has doubled the size of our yard and we LOVE it!

Can you see how you can't see over these things, now I can see the boys playing out the window with out constantly going out side to check on them, yes, that makes me a good mom, I ripped up bushes so I can be more lazy.
And we can't forget this beauty that was in the middle of it all.  Thank you craigslist for getting rid of this for me :)

 (After we got some hail)
Awe.... all done!

Next up...
the cutest little baby ever.

Oh how I love my little Cart-Cart.  He is such a good little boy (except at church, then he is not so much my favorite).  He is starting to talk.... finally.  He can say Mama, Dada, hot, shoes, and thank you.  Although I am the only one that can understand it (like every mother), but none the less, he is learning.  He is also holding tight to screaming.  He's happy... he screams, he's sad... he screams, he's excited... he screams, he want's your attention.... you get the idea.  I have just come to the conclusion that I will just ignore him to the best of my abilities until I loose my mind.

As a little side note, back in April, I invited my mom, sister in-law, Kristin, and my other sisters Christie and Kelly to enjoy a weekend with me at Time Out for Women.  I love these ladies and it was great to listen to all the wonderful speakers and get spiritually and emotionally recharged, cause let's face it, being a mom is hard and sometimes we could use a little time out :)
 My Dad came too!!!  I was so happy to visit with them for a few days!

 The RIGTRUP girls!
Waiting for day 2 to begin.

Next up on the line up, COHEN TURNS 5!!!  I can't believe how fast these 5 years have gone by.  Justin and I remember with so much fondness the 3 years we had before we had kids, but in someways, I can't remember life with out this little bundle of energy.  I love my Cohen so much!  Cohen has such a good heart. He is so emotional and really wants to do good in all he does.  He is my helper and loved to clean and cook with me.  His favorite thing to make with me is Chocolate Chip cookies.  It's an activity we do every Sunday.    Cohen LOVES monster trucks so I decided to go all out this year and have a Monster Truck party.  It was stressful getting ready for the big day, but dang, it was so worth it seeing Cohen so happy and having such a great time with his friends! Here are a ton of pics of the party.
 We started out first with a Monster Truck Rally.  They had a course to go through, first the ramp, then over the board you see in the back ground, around the side, then through the car wash. The kids had a ball!

My home made car wash, Lowes had the idea, total cost, 18$. Not bad for a Monster Truck car wash!

 One of Cohen's bestest friends, Malachi (or as Jace likes to say it, Melon-chi)
 I love this little girl!  We watch Callie every now and then and she is always making me smile.
 My sweet niece Addy, was my little helper with Carter.  She is so super helpful!
 These are the Jace's.  Big Jace and little Jace.  It's Malachi's older brother and my Jace thinks he is pretty darn cool.

 We ended the party with crushing the car (we used this last year and with a little tape, it was ready to be bashed in again!).

 My nephew Gunner was the man to get the job done!

 Oh Jace, you have such a sweet tooth.  We found him sitting in the pool, enjoying all his candy. Classic Jace.

 The birthday kids.  This is Bella, Cohen's cousin that share the same birthday.

 We are sad that Cohen's new friend Jenna moved soon after our little party, they were quite the pals.

Next....we have been having some great movie nights at the Sacks house. We blow up the air mattress, pile on and eat some popcorn. The boys thought that we were the coolest... isn't it great when the cheapest ideas turn out to be the best sometimes!

I love these boys!

This summer, I invested in a plastic pool for the back yard.  It has been used countless times this summer.

Right after I took this picture, Carter came up to me crying and wanted me to hold him.  I, of course, had no interest in picking up a totally wet baby until I looked down at his feet and saw a swarm of fire ants attacking his little feet.  I rushed him to the pool to get them off, and he had about 20 white zit looking bite marks on his feet for the next week.  Poor kid.... and stupid fire ants!

Ok, I think I am officially done for right now.  I still have projects, a wedding and first day of school to post. But if I did those now, I would have nothing to procrastinate!  Hope you enjoyed our summer in a nut house shell.