Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Today I turn 30

It's here. The dreaded day is here. Just about anything in life I can relate to an episode of FRIENDS, and this time in my life is no different:

I love that episode. And as I watched the whole thing earlier today I realized, you know what? I did a TON of great things in my 20s. I have nothing to be sad about. I think it's just the letting go of a GREAT era in my life is what's hard. So here's to you 20's. You will be extremely missed and in honor of you, I have created the 10 greatest things about you (in not particular order).
10. I graduated from College!
(and I was 7 months prego with Cohen), which leads me to numbers
9. I had my first child, Cohen.
8. I had another sweet boy, Jace.
7. I had the happiest baby, Carter.
6. I fell in love with the most amazing guy in this world and get married!

5. I got to be on the Price is Right
(on the Hollywood walk of stars just before Price is Right)
4. I did all the cool Utah college things: I hiked the Y, I went and threw bombs down the bottomless pit, hiked Mt. Timpanogos (with one of my favorite roomies),camped in Moab and hiked the arch, and I crawled the nutty putty caves.

3. I got to go to Hawaii
2. I made some A-Mazing friends in college!

1. I got to move to Ohio and Texas with my young family and experience Med School with my husband and growing family. And all along that time, I have been to New York, Michigan, Iowa, Nebraska, Chicago, California, and all the church history sites, Kirtland, Palmyra, and Nauvoo.

my first tomato (thanks to my wonderful neighbor Carol!)

All along the way, I met some top notch people. I would call my 20s a complete success and that is nothing to be sad about! So welcome 30s..... after all, 30 really is the new 20, right?!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A little on our little man, COHEN!

 Look at this kid!  He is getting HUGE!!!  Sometimes I just get all sad because I realize how huge he really is getting.  Cohen is turning 5 in June and he can hardly wait.  He is thinking really hard about what kind of cake he wants and is always telling us how bad he wants a dog.  (FYI, there will be no dog for now :).  I just enrolled him in Kindergarten in August and I think it's going to be a huge adjustment for all of us!  I hate how long they go every day (7 hours every day), and I think he is going to be crazy tired going from his ho-hum easy life here to in a class room all day, every day.  Fingers crossed we survive (esp his mother :).
 So why does Cohen's smile look so weird.....
 ......because Cohen had to have some dental work done.  I was crazy proud of how GREAT he did.  We have had some extreemly frustrating run ins with the dentists here and FINALLY found a great one that was willing to save us $800 and not put Cohen all the way out to get this cap put on.  So now I have a silver toothed kid.  He takes after his mother (I just had 2 crowns put on last week).  Plus I have extreemly pores teeth and get cavities all the time.  He said it did not hurt at all but he hated how numb he was for a while.  He has to do this one more time next week on the other side of his mouth and then we will be done!  And when the dentist told me how Cohen did, she raved about how good Cohen was and how polite he was.  The only problem they had was he kept trying to talk but once they told him to stop, he did.  I seriously almost cried I was so proud of him!

 Cohen also just finished up his second season of soccer with his Dynamo team.  He is probably the worst one on the team.  Seriously, he does not listen well, he never get's the ball, and when he get's passed the ball, he misses it.  But that's not the point at age 4 right?!  On the up side, he is always willing to go out on the field, he LOVES his coach, and he loves running around with his friends.  He is the youngest on the team so I hope that this next season he will get a little better and we will work on not being so afraid of this ball.  We really like his coach too.  He is GREAT with the kiddo's and I think he has a little soft spot for Cohen (at least, that's how i see it through my mom goggles :)
We LOVE our Cohen!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Our Family Happennings

Wow, it's been a while and I have a lot to catch up on, so be prepared.

1.  First up on my list, Carter has started walking. HALLELUJAH!!! I have been counting down the days till this event happened. He wants SO badly to be out side with Cohen and Jace and I just hate the whole crawling around in the mud, grass and dirt tearing up the tops of his feet and making holes in his pants. I don't know about the rest of y'all, but as soon as my babies start crawling, I want them to be walking. They DO NOT get into anything more when they start walking, I am positive of that. And then I don't have to carry them around all the dang time any more. I'm probably a little more passionate about this than I should be :)
Here is a video of him doing his thing!

2.  Also, here are a few pics of his 1st birthday party.

  Playing with Auntie Kelly.
Sharing with Mom, so nice:)
 Bath Time!
3.  We went on a much needed vacation. When Justin started at Baylor, he was told that he had 3 weeks of vacation.  And then they told him... and you will take this vacation in March.  So he had one week off (that he used to study for his (FINAL!!!!) step 3 boards) and then a week of work and then 2 weeks off. Needless to say, by the time March came, we were SO ready for a break having to work like a dog since June!  My in laws are A-Mazing. They got us a condo at a very cool resort for a week and we were in pure heaven. It was even kinda nice that we had almost no cell phone service for a week (AKA, Justin could not be reading the news on his phone all day long :) The weather was awesome and even better, there was no one there! I think since we missed the rush of spring break, I felt like we had the resort almost to our selves. Here are tons of pics to prove our complete joy of a week that we had!

 One day I was looking for a few different items... I soon found that Jace had been hoarding them in one of the kitchen cabinets.  The little stinker!
 When we started the trip, we decided to put Carter in a forward facing car seat, he had a smile on his face CONSTANTLY when he got in the new chair!
 Cohen and I had been counting the days (literally) till our vacation.  He was SO excited to go!
 The pool we had basically all to our selves, just right next to the lake!
 They had an indoor water park too.  We only went one of the days because Cohen was really the only one that enjoyed it. 

 Jace got tired after about and hour, so I pulled him out, stuck him in a chair with towels cause he was out with in minutes!

Playing on the private beach!

 Hanging out in our condo.  Don't you love Cohen's face in the one below.  He was mad about something dumb.

 This was our view right out side our condo each night.  It was SO beautiful.  And that condo on the lake below is where we stayed.
 Bath time at the condo. The boys loved making bubbles in the spa tub!

We went to a great Discovery Kid Zone that we had all to ourselves.  The boys thought it was heaven on earth.  They loved every minute of it! They had all these little sections like a real EMS car you could play in, a dress up area, a mini grocery store, a science center and on and on!

Working on the Da Vinci, kids style.  Justin has actually worked on one before in real life.  These machines cost around 1.5 million EACH!
Playing dress up at Discovery kid zone.

The future Dr. Sacks.

 On one of the cooler days, we went to the Zoo in Tyler TX.  It was the most beautiful zoo I have every been too.  The flowers were amazing and just about every animal was just behind a small fence.  Everything was so open and felt like you were really in nature with the animals.  The weather was perfect too.

 This looks just like my old bird, Sam.  I miss that bird!  They had a great bird house and the boys were able to feed the birds with a stick with seeds on it.
 Hook'm Horns!
 Brotherly love?

Carter was just his happy little self the whole time! He pretty much lived in his stroller and was just happy to be out side going places with us.

4.  I love Texas. It was a great place to grow up and I really do have a huge place in my heart for it. And what better represents Texas than the Texas Bluebonnet! We ventured out the other day and took some pics of the boys in them.

5.  As for my latest projects, I finally did the magnet wall. I am pretty much in love with it!
 During... I had to put on about 12 coats. I just used the whole quart size can.
 Next, I painted it red and put some funky swirls on it!
And finally, I framed it and put on the top "Sacks Family Brag Board (yeah we're that special).  And yes, it does really hold up things on the wall pretty well!

My next project was to finally finish the boys room.  I have had this idea in mind since I was in Toledo. 

6.  We had some awesome visitors a while back. My great friend from Midland is moving to OK while they went house shopping, I got to watch her kids. My boys were in Friend heaven. They loved EVERY minute of it and I almost loved every minute of it :) Come on, 5 boys under the age of 4 was kind of a hand full, but it sure was great to see the Jackson family again!!!
7. For Easter... we did not do a dang thing.  My sister was pretty much the one who did it all.  She gave the boys their baskets and that was pretty much it.  I did do a "green" theme for Easter Sunday as shown below, but that was the extent of my super Mom-ism for Easter.  FYI, I went out and bought a new dress for Easter, something I have not done in YEARS!. Well, I decided to try out JCPenny's (with their new way of advertising I was intrigued and decided to try it out).  I found TONS of great dresses and shoes for a crazy low price.  I got this dress for 25$!!!  And a pair of shoes for 30$.  Although I still had buyers remorse for a few days, I'm glad I splurged just a little on my self :)  Also, the day I was there is when the tornado's came ripping through Dallas and we had to spend about an hour in the basement of JCPenny's due to the bad weather. That was fun with 3 kids...

8.  And lastly, for your viewing pleasure, I had to send my sister Christie some pics of Justin on his mission for a missionary wall she is doing and I thought I would pass them on. You can not tell me Justin does not look like a 12 year old on his mission. Don't even try.
Not to mention the amount of hair he had!