Monday, April 2, 2012

Jace turns 3!!!

Since last year I had just had a new baby and we did nothing really special for Jace's 2nd birthday, I felt like I needed to step it up and make up for it this year. Jace is all about Team Umizoomi, and to be honest, I don't mind the show either. For months he has been telling me he wanted a Bot cake. Even on Carter's birthday he had a minor melt down wondering where his Bot cake was! So I got on Nick jr and boy did I find me some resources. They had TONS of ideas for Umizoomi parties from decorations to games to step by step directions for decorating cakes/cookies/cupcakes. They even had tons of free printables for posters and games for kids. We took full advantage.

We actually celebrated the day after his birthday because we had too much going on, he never had a clue :) The morning of his birthday, we had a mini family party. We had "J" shaped pancakes, played a few Zoomi games, and opened presents. Jace was in pure heaven. We then headed over to my sister's house and she was nice enough to take Carter and we went to see the new movie, "The Lorax", so super cute by the way. We then came back to my sisters to open more presents and enjoy Jace's Bot cake. All in all, I think this kid had a great day!
When we lived in Toledo we had a little boy that the kids loved to play with and he had a bubble mower. Jace LOVED this bubble mower and needless to say, he was thrilled to have his own!
Below are my many failed attempts to get Jace to smile!

He was not happy about having to share his birthday cake, but after I told him he could pick what part of Bot he wanted, he was a happy boy!
Here are some little known facts about our little Jacer Man:
  • He is a cry baby. Every time you barely bump him, he is in tears and wants you to know that he is hurt.
  • He is always hurting him self. And by that I mean, running into things all the time. He is always coming to me in tears saying, "Mommy, I hurt my self." But as soon as you ask him, "Are you ok?" he is saying yes and the tear IMMEDIATELY stop. In other words, he just wanted to milk it.
  • Jace has one time during the day he likes to be held and cuddled, and it's only after nap time. Other wise I have to beg for a hug or kiss. He's my little porky pine. I vow to break him of this some day....
  • Jace loves to surprise me with things. He is always saying, "Mommy, know what I found?" in a tone like its going to be really amazing and be excited mom. And then he will bring it from behind his back and scream..... "It's my blanket!!!!" (or what ever he just found lying around).
  • Jace is extreemly thoughtful. If Cohen or Carter is sad, Jace is trying to find something that will make them happy again. Whether it's his food or his toy, he is willing to give it up for them.
  • Jace is a grateful little guy. He never forgets his Thank You's. My all time favorite is when Jace tells me thanks because it's all muttered into one word.."shanks mahi" He leaves out the 2nd M in Mommy so it sounds like the fish, Mahi, said super crazy fast.
  • Jace is determined that he is right. Ah-Oh. This might be a problem when we can't send him to time out all the time any more. Like the other day, he had a complete come apart because he said he was not buckled in his car seat (he totally was) and would not beleive us that the buckles on him were in deed buckled. "No it's not" he cried for at least 10 minutes.
Oh Jace, how I love you. You are the kid that makes me laugh the most and I love how much you LOVE your brothers. Thanks for the hugs after nap time and the constant thank yous. We love you to pieces!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!