Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Carter Sauce

Has it really been a whole year? Seriously, with each kid, time flies by even faster than the last. Honestly, if I really could just keep all my kids the way that are now, I would be in heaven, ok maybe not some days, but I know I will miss my little ones so much! I just hate how big they are all getting, and don't even get me started on Cohen starting Kindergarten, I will be a total emotional mess that day.

One year ago today, I looked like this.....And a few short hours later, I was holding this...

Carter has been a total dream baby. I love him to the nth degree. Cohen asks me all the time, can we keep Carter for forever! We sure can!!

So here are some things about my little Carter-Tarter.
  • He LOVES Cohen. I don't know what it is about Cohen, be he loves him. Cohen can get him to eat things we can't and smile when he is sad. Carter truly loves his brother!
  • Carter thinks he is so funny. I heard him just the other day, in his bed, doing something and laughing at him self. And it was not just a small giggle, he was full on laughing. He does this a lot.
  • Carter can say, "Ah-Oh", "All done", "Mama" and "Dada". Although the only one he knows he is saying is "Ah-Oh" since that's what he says every time he drops food off his tray.
  • Carter can fold his arms when we pray before dinner and when we say amen he screams :)
  • Carter LOVES the stairs. He is learning how to come down them and is doing pretty good! He thinks its hilarious when you catch him going up the stairs.
  • Carter is a screamer. I'm sure he has picked that one up from his brothers. If you are not paying attention to him when he wants you to or not getting his food to him fast enough, you can bet you are going to hear from him... and that your hears will hurt after too.
  • Carter loves kisses. When ever Justin has got him, he will bounce his head over and over against Justin's head till he starts kissing him on his cheeks.
  • Carter has so many expressions to his face. He really get's into moving those eye brows and his mouth. It's crazy cute!

  • Carter is a crazy fast crawler. I have never seen a kid crawl so fast! He is standing up to everything and scaling the couches, but no real walking yet. I'm sure he will be like my other boys and not walk till 14ish months.
  • Carter LOVES climbing into the cupboards.

We love our Carter! He is just what our family needed! We love his smile with the cute dimple, we love his thumb sucking habit, we love his sleeping patterns, and we love that he is all ours and we get to keep him for forever!!
Happy 1st Birthday Carter!

What kid does not like baths?!
Eating totally wore him out a few months ago :)

I found him totally sleeping on his legs the other day. His feet were right under his neck. How do kids sleep like that?

The mark in between his eyes? Yeah, that would be from the wrath of Jace. Just another reason why Carter is not a fan of Jace.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day!

I used to hate this holiday, until I met my wonderful amazing husband. 8 years ago today I was asked to be Mrs. Sacks. And although I hate the fact that we got engaged on the most cliche holiday ever, I love that the only reason he did it was because "I KNEW he would not do it on Valentines". What a great surprise. Justin is my whole world. He has to be or else I could not follow him on this crazy journey of becoming an MD. He is my absolute EVERYTHING and I literally don't know if I could ever live with out him. I LOVE that he loves me. I LOVE that even on days that I look like total crap-o-la, he still tells me I'm hot. I LOVE that he get's down on the ground to play with the boys. I LOVE that he tries to sound like Elmo when he reads our Elmo puppet book. I LOVE that he loves movies as much as I do. I LOVE that Justin wants a four wheeler as much as I do someday. I LOVE that his main goal in life is to take care of me and our kiddos. But most of all, I LOVE that Justin LOVES the Lord. That he prays with me every night and that he is such a scholar of the gospel. He is constantly telling me about talking with people at work about our church and how he feels inspired all the time in remembering things he learned on his mission or just through his own faith. I really scored when I met Justin and my life could never be complete with out him.
Happy Valentines Shmoopy, you are my every thing.