Thursday, January 26, 2012

I keep wondering...

...was winter always this mild when I was growing up? After all, it's been 11 years since I have been in Texas for a winter. I remember having coats when I was growing up and I remember it was always windy... but was it ever really that cold? I can't remember. But regardless of my lack of memory, this winter has been EXCELLENT. I feel like we have been in Fall weather for 4 months, I love Fall! In fact, I have only pulled out my coat to wear ONCE, and it was last night! And it was not even one of my heavy coats, it was just a jacket. I LOVE not having to bundle the kids up every time we go some where and wrestling with their coats when buckling them into the car seats. I LOVE that I don't have to run, literally, into the grocery store with all 3 kids just so we don't go into hypothermia mode. I LOVE not getting wet from all the ice and snow outside. And most of all, I LOVE that the kids have been able to play out side all winter long!!!

The boys LOVE their new swing set, Cohen is always telling me, "Thanks for this park Mom!".
There was this one lady last month that I over heard saying, "The wind out side is just cutting right through you, I don't know if I can even finish my Christmas shopping because its been so cold!". I laughed....out loud. I thought, lady, you don't know what cold is. And once I got out to my car, I looked at the temperature, it was 8 pm... and there was a light breeze!!! Justin heard someone say something similar a few days later. I just have to laugh at all these people that think that 50 is cold! We still have yet to drop down below freezing during the day. I LOVE TEXAS WEATHER!!!! I should not speak too loud though, I'm sure once I get used to it, I will be freezing next winter, but I have my doubts :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Christmas 2011

I have been so crazy busy with projects I have made for my self and have felt guilty that it has been so long since I have blogged so here it goes....

Last year we went to the Bass Pro shop to see Santa and I figured, since everything cost something here in Dallas that they would not have free activities and pictures with Santa here, but I heard through the grape vine that they did a winter wonderland at all the Bass shop locations. I was so excited to take the boys and then Carter got sick... and then me... and then Cohen... and finally Justin. Somehow Jace got away with out it but, oh my gosh, it wiped us all out the week before Christmas.
Healthy Carter is such a good baby.... Sick Carter is not. This poor kid was pulling temps of 103. He ended up having an ear infection and a sinus infection.
It was not until the day before Christmas Eve that we were finally feeling better that I tried to fit in as much Christmas stuff before it would be all over. I made cookies and candy so we could take that around to a few people, we looked at some lights and we went to the Bass Pro shop all in one day. Over all, we had a great time as a family. The biggest disappointment though was the Bass Pro shop. They had all these toys out for kids to play with and EVERY ONE OF THEM was out of batteries! There was one that did not need batteries, but I asked one lady about it and she said, "I have already replaced them so many times and they are all just worn out from all the kids playing on them this last month". In other words, "I'm a lazy fart and don't want to help you". I simply said to her, "that is a really sorry excuse" and walked away. We even got there early and was still too late to see Santa. The kids were devastated. We turned the night around though by taking the boys to play at McDonald's and that always makes them happy. Next year I will be extreemly early so to not bother the lady with any batteries issues.
This was the only toy at the Bass pro shop that was not broken.

Justin was on call Christmas Eve so I spent my day at my sisters house. The kids always love to go other there. When ever we pull up to her house Jace always yells out, "were home!". It's kind of nice because when I do go there, I get a break from mothering because my kids shoot up stairs and I don't see them until its time to go. Kelly just has too many fun things to play with at her house! On my way home that night, I got the BEST present in the world. Justin called me and said that he did not have to work Christmas day! I literally cried tears of pure joy! His attending told him that he was going to take his patients for him not because it was Christmas, but because he deserved it and that he is the best intern he has ever worked with. Justin and I both pulled up to the house about the same time and we opened up pj's and books and then played our "find the pickle on the tree" game. An old Danish tradition, who ever finds it gets a prize. It's actually harder than you think!

The boys in their new PJ's.

As for Christmas day, it was perfect. We got up and let the boys open up their stockings and then headed out the door for church. When we got home, we changed, opened up our presents and then headed over to my sister's house for another round of presents. The boys were in pure heaven! And having Justin there just made it all the better!
Our loot Christmas morning!

Their new hippo game... and we lost 3 of the marbles this day too...grr....
I got this dremel for a STEAL on black Friday... 34 bucks! I would be lying if I did not say I kind of bought this for me more than Justin ;)

Our two big ticket items this year was a new swing set from Grandma and Grandpa Sacks and a Ford Rapter from their beloved Aunt Kelly. These boys are spoiled rotten!

Since Christmas, I have started my self another project. Tiling and painting. Here are the results! I really loved how it turned out.

Don't pay attention to all the green tape, I was saving it for another project so I just put it all on the door because I'm cheap like that!

I still need one more coat of caulk, but before, it was pure yellow. I can only imagine why....gross!
In our master bath, some complete idiot carpeted around the toilet. So gross. It had to go.

In the process:

After: awe.... so much better!
Ok... I'm all caught up now!