Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Traditions

One tradition I love doing with the kiddos is doing ginger bread houses. It's messy, frustrating to get the house to stand up, and extreemly fun with kids :) I saved some Halloween candy this year and we put it to work for us. I also found an extreemly easy and sticky "glue" or frosting that made getting our houses to stay up a lot easier than those kits they sell! It came from Martha Stewart.

1 lbs powder sugar
5 tbsp meringue powder

1 cup water
Beat for 7 minute and put in zip lock bag with a hole cut in the corner for pipping.

My sad attempt at a snow man. It's my Texas snowman...melting from the heat :)

Another thing we love to do is see the kids reaction to Santa. Cohen was in heaven! Santa has story time here every morning and although I found him to be a lousy story teller, he did keep the kids entertained and Cohen loved hearing from Santa. He's a little too creepy for my likes so don't be too excited about seeing their pic with Santa. My favorite is when Cohen was asked what he wants for Christmas he said he wanted a DS (which he already has). When we asked him why he asked for that his simple answer was, "I want a DS that never runs out of batteries". Oh! I get right on that. And Jace's answer was simple, "treats". Done.
As you can see, Carter was not amused. I'm secretly hoping for a screaming picture from Carter next year with Santa. Those really make the best pics!
We also went down to North Park Mall (a huge mall for rich people :) where they had this amazing train step up. The boys loved seeing all the trains and Justin and I were quite impressed with the replica of down town Dallas!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

And for my next act....

I am so going to do this. I get so sick of the kids making a mess with the books. This is my next project for sure! Click HERE for tutorial. Pics to come...

I also really want to do this one too. As the kids draw more and more, I think this will be come really handy. Plus I have a huge wall I would love to fill up! Click HERE for tutorial.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dallas Arboretum

A few weeks ago my great friend, Dana, invited me to the Dallas Arboretum. Until going here, I was holding onto my opinion that Texas does not know how to grow plants or flowers due to the multiple failed attempt of my parents growing up (at no fault to my parents, they really did give it their all). But then I went here.... and oh my gosh was this a place of pure beauty! The boys LOVED running around and having a picnic out side. It was perfect weather (as always here in Fall time of Dallas) and we defiantly hope to go back again soon! They were having a pumpkin festival at the time and had tons of houses made out of pumpkins. Here is my plethora of pics from our day there (note: not one of these did Cohen look at the camera).

Our little group.
Savannah was wiped out by the end!
Notice number 5. Thanks for the warning.

And this is one thing I saw that I had to take a little shot of. Crazy dress right?!

I call this one, "Cohen's reenactment of the First Vision"

House of squash.

Jace loved throwing all the straw around every where. They also had a hay maze that both the boys were thrilled to jump around on.

This girl is my favorite! Jace is also in love with her and calls her Vana (Savannah).