Thursday, September 15, 2011

All About Cohen

Cohen just turned 4 in June and I was hoping he was going to grow out of the VERY short tempered 3 year old stage, but that has not happened as of yet... please tell me I am not the only one dealing with this!!! Yesterday he totally freaked out because his trix was floating in the milk too much. Some day's I am ready to send him to another family! But then he will tell me, "Mom, I have a secret for you.... (and then whispers in my ear) I love you". Ok, I guess I won't give you away!
Like every little boy, Cohen loves his Dad. Justin is so good to get down on the floor and play cars with him. And EVERYDAY when Justin comes home I can expect to hear a high pitch "DADDY!!!!" where he then runs as fast as he can to grab a hold of Justin's leg.
Cohen's absolute favorite thing is to make cookies with Mom. I love this activity we do together (probably a little too often :)
And what would a Cohen post be with out his latest bruise. He is the KING of falling, tripping, and running into things. I hope this is just a phase... that has so far lasted since he started walking.
I did a little photo shoot with Cohen a few weeks ago and he was so good to pose and even show me his super cute smile... not the cheesy one, but an actual 'I'm happy do be doing this Mom' smile!

I don't know how Cohen does this... but he does... and it's hilarious.

Another thing Cohen has been up to is Soccer! I have been waiting so long to be a soccer mom and I LOVE it. It is so much fun to go to his practice's and he had his first game this last Saturday. They lost horribly (not that they kept score, but I did), but it was still great to see him running around with his team mates. He is by far from being the best one on the team (in fact he is pretty slow and has a hard time getting the ball) but I think that working on a team is good for him and listening to someone else instruct him on things to do has been really good for him as well. Cohen has had a little bit of a struggle getting used to this whole move. Yesterday he was screaming, "I wan to go back to-ledo". But after we explained that none of his friends were there anymore, he was ok with staying in our house with us.He has a bad habit of running around holding his pants. I have about 20 pics of him doing just this.
I felt a little silly when Justin informed me that the number I had picked for Cohen was Micheal Jordans number. It was just the first number that popped into my head!
Here is my favorite video of him in Soccer. He just follows people around more than the ball, it's hilarious!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Rodeo... Texas Style

What better place to go to your first Rodeo than in Texas, right?! Sad to say, but Justin and I had never been to a Rodeo before this one. But after going, we vowed that it will be a new Sacks family tradition. We LOVED it! Besides the fact that Jace had ants in his pants, (we could not keep that kid still!) we enjoyed just every minute of it! And the best part was it was right here in Mesquite and it was indoors, cause dang, it has been HOT here. I guess they are pretty famous for it here and there is one every weekend in the summer. We caught the tale end of it and was there for the championship weekend.
And one little tidbit of info, the Rodeo clown was from Payson Utah! Small world. He asked the crowd if anyone was from Utah... no one screamed... not even Justin so I yelled my heart out for him. I think a got a few weird looks and I'm sure it just made it look that much better with our 3 kids being a little crazy, but, oh what the heck!
I love the look Jace is pulling in this picture. And dang, ever since I had Carter my cheeks are always red! So need a dermatologist.
They have this one game where they invite all the kids out to see who could get the ribbon tied to the calf's tail. Once they said "GO" the clown said, "Holy Cow, it looks like a Mormon Van just opened it's doors." He was cracking jokes all night long like that :)

And like always, our little Carter was just a happy ham!

And lastly, here are a few videos from our first Rodeo.

Let's just say, my boys do not get their awesome dancing skills from me :)