Friday, August 26, 2011

Mormon Mommy Bloggers (aka, me)

I came across this article today and loved it. I always told Justin the people that blog the most are Mormons :)
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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Our Little Carter at 6 Months!

The more kids you have, the faster the time goes and OH MY GOSH I can't believe my baby Carter is already 6 months old. Here are a few little tid-bits about our little guy!

Carter has just learned the art of screaming. I love how his eye brows move when he screams. And I think he loves how it makes his brothers laugh when he does it.

And this is the side of Carter that we LOVE. He is such a happy baby! I really do think that the Lord sent me Carter to show me how wonderful it is to be a mother! Not that my other 2 don't but it defiantly makes me want to have more because Carter is such an easy baby! He is so happy every time you just look at him. All you have to do is say "Hi" to him and in return he will give you the best smile he can with his super cute dimple. Carter is a great eater too, as you can see (my fattest baby!) and he is an awesome sleeper, usually pulling 12 hours a night. Carter LOVES watching his brothers play and you can tell he wants to get in on the action as well! He is rolling all over the place right now and is starting to scoot a little too. I'm sure it will not be long till he will be running to catch up with his brothers. I love this boy!!!!

Our Lives at Random

So here is a long post of our happenings here in Mesquite. After this post, I can officially call my blog caught up! I promise I will not have another HUGE post like this for a while.

I told Justin, "just call me Leisy" when I found this place (she is an old friend from Toledo that always found fun FREE things to do!). I found this little splash pad that is totally free and my boys LOVE it!

We have also been having a great time in the back yard. Esp when it means water. But to be completely honest, it has been so stink'n hot here that we have not spent that much time out there unless I have the hose going!

Carter is, as always, my super happy baby. He is so much fun to have around and Cohen and Jace are obsessed with him!
We shaved Carter's hair. I have always been annoyed with parents that won't cut their kids hair cause they are attached to it, and then I did it with Cater. It was not until we were getting ready for church one Sunday and I realized how ugly it really looked. It was so patchy and uneven. So we shaved it and it looks SO much better. Yes, it's still dark, and yes it is still thick :)

A few Sunday's ago, I went to wake Jace up from his nap and he was not in his bed. I got a little worried until I finally found him here. Why he thought this would be a better place to take a nap, I have no idea!

My sister has kept us busy with lots of rides on the boat and fun in her pool. And for a couple of weeks last month, almost all my family came to Dallas. I was SO happy to have them here and to have 2 weeks of FUN!

We did a lot of boating:

My goofy nephew Jonathan being a boat beauty.
My Dad catching some air.
Carter's first boat ride. He was an amazing baby on the boat. He was on there for 5 hours and only started to get fussy the last 20 min. He even took a nap and did not mind his vest. Although we took it off when we were taxing into the dock in this picture.
The boat master, Larry.
Larry was not nice to us when Justin and I did the tube. We gave it our all but in the end, I ended up with a bruise on my thigh from hitting the water so hard when we finally got thrown off.
My brother Robb. The jet ski's are by far my favorite!
Played in the pool:

And, like always, ate some good food and sat around talking:

We have done a lot of projects too:

Ta-Da! All finished!
Building new shelves and putting together book cases with material in the background.

Changing out ugly shades for better ones with a little sparkles :)
I should of taken a before picture of this one, but it used to be all white. I got out the good ol' spray paint and painted this sucker brown. SO much better looking!

Cohen's official birthday was on June 24th and my sister did a little something for the kids since her little girl Bella shares the same birthday.
Cohen's cake

Bella's Cake
I tried to get some good pictures of the 2 birthday kids but this was as good as it was going to get. Cohen was too excited about his new bike. We also took Cohen to see Cars 2. He LOVED it!
This is just a random throw in, but I don't know how Cohen does this, but he does, and it's hilarious.
And lastly, here is Justin on his official first day of being a M.D. You can't say that white coat does not look good! He is SO happy to have a long coat and not a short one!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Our New House... finally, I know!

So here is the big reveal of our new home. If you remember, the pics I put on here last time was with the old owners furniture and paint job....ugly. But thanks to my amazing sister, as a graduation gift, she had the WHOLE house painted. It's a great tan color. We will probably add some color to some rooms but for now, we LOVE it!!! As a side note, pay no attention to the curtains, all will be taken down and replaced since none of them match our stuff.

Entry way. (the door you see is to the 1/2 bath and the pathway leads to the kitchen and 2nd living room)
Our forever empty room. This is the first room you see when you come in the house, and it will be empty for a while :(
Dinning room, converted into Office (off of the empty living room).
Back yard with an apple tree!
Kitchen, you can see into the laundry room and behind the fridge is the doorway into the living room. Our plan is to get new counter tops and paint all the cabinets.
Eating area, goes out to the back yard.
Laundry room, off of the kitchen and attaches to the 3 car garage, dang we are spoiled!
Down stairs 1/2 bath. We changed the sink from a ugly green sink to this white one. So much better!
Craft room!!! Obviously not put together yet! Someday when baby number 4 comes, we will change out the doors and make this the baby room and add carpet!
Our HUGE bedroom. We hate that it does not have carpet but thank goodness for craigslist for this rug. We plan on changing the tile around the fire place. It's see through and on the other side is a garden tub.

Our bathroom. This is one side... and the bottom picture is the other side of the bathroom. We have our own closets... so nice! And don't be jelous of our green tub, I know all you wish you had one. The person who built this home had a fetish of dark green. It will all be removed someday.
Cohen and Jace's room.
Boy's bath, it's a Jack and Jill bath, not my favorite thing about the house but hey, I don't have to share a bath room with my kids any more! Carter's room is off to the left.
Carter's Room, the small door you see is a huge storage area over the garage with tons of shelves.
Our FAVORITE room of the house. Our TV/play/living room. The shelf the TV is on was already there and since we sold our entertainment center when we moved we decided to use the shelf and build some cabnets under it. Yeah, my husband is a doctor and a carpenter. He did a great job and we love the extra storage for all our movies/gaming stuff! (off of the Kitchen)
When moonlighting starts, we hope to do some much needed updating and upgrades to the house but for now it's home and we love it!