Thursday, June 23, 2011

Up and Running

We made it safe to Dallas and finally are up and running with the internet and thankfully my sanity is slowly coming back to me after our big move. I have a ton of posts to do over the next few weeks so bare with me while I try to get caught up. Towards the last few weeks in Toledo, Justin and I did some last minute adventures and now I have about 8 posts I need to put up. I promise to make it worth your time to check us out. :)

So back in April, Justin did his very last rotation of med school in ER. It was a great rotation with only 14 days of work the whole month. This is Justin on his very last day of his medical school rotation EVER. He was pretty happy about it.
Next, I found my new favorite age to take pictures of.... 8 year old little girls. A friend asked if I would take pictures of her little girl for her baptism pics and I was so excited to do them, esp since her little girl would actually listen to what I wanted her to do (not like some little boys I know of!). Most the time I come away from a photo shoot hoping I got just one that I would like, but with Jenessa, there were tons to choose from. Here are some of my favorites. Isn't she beautiful!!!!

And finally, in honor of Cohen today, here are some of our favorite Cohen-isms and a few pics as well. I can't believe he is 4 today! Time has flown way to quickly. We love our Cohen to death. He is so tender hearted and just wants to be every one's friend. He loves to tease his brother Jace on his bad days and love to play with him on his good days :) He is still totally in love with anything that has wheels (trains, cars, motorcycles, ect.) and he is my little social bug. He talks to every stranger we come in contact with at the store (we are working on correcting that :). He also loves books and has about 10 book memorized that he reads to Jace.
Happy Birthday Cohen!!!
We try to write down much of what Cohen says that we think is funny, here are a few:
Me: "Cohen, your silly"
Cohen: "Your mom is silly."

During a thunder storm when Cohen was scared and Justin was trying to clam him down by telling Cohen that thunder was fun! Cohen said very seriously, "It's not fun, its FUNDER and its serious!"

Cohen: "Mommy, I need to play Wii, that is a good plan, I am a good planner."

Cohen: "Daddy, I am going to call you Justin because I am getting bigger and bigger so I will call you Justin."

Looking at me through a home made telescope:
"Mommy, I can see you!"
Me: "You see me? What do I look like?"
Cohen: "You look scroungy."

After trying some chocolate covered strawberries.
"MMMM... these are delicious and they don't smell like pee-pee or poo-poo!!!"

"Look at my muscles, I am turning into a Man!"


Friday, June 3, 2011

the Girls of Toledo

A couple weeks ago, the girls in the ward here met for one last girls night out. Justin was amazing and let me take the night off to go spend time with these amazing women I have been so privileged to get to know. I will miss my friends terribly when we leave and can't believe that our 4 years here is over! So many are moving all over the country and I just hope we can all stay in touch in some form!