Saturday, April 30, 2011

It's Happening...

Yes, I understand that I am moving. I understand that by the boxes that are starting to take over my house. But, it was not until I saw that Mossing Apartments put up this sign that it really hit me.... it's happening. We really are leaving our home and someone else is going to live in it. I have to admit, I had to choke back the tears when I saw this sign. And though I never thought I would feel this sad... I do. I keep thinking about all the things I am going to miss. I am going to miss the beautiful fall colors that engulf our street, I'm going to miss the amazing parks that are all around us, I am going to miss going to the YMCA and seeing so many of my friends there (esp my instructor Rachel!), I'm going to miss our huge back yard that has given my kids hours of good hard running room. I'm going to miss the huge trees that are all over Toledo and I'm going to miss my ultimate favorite grocery store Meijers!
But the thing I am going to miss more than anything in this world, is the people we have met here. We have not only made our own home away from home, but we have made a family away from family here. Our neighbors Carol and Kim have been more than just neighbors, they have been AMAZING friends. They were not just the people we borrowed a cup of sugar from (believe me, I have borrowed so much more from them than just that!), they were the neighbors I went over to when I just wanted some great conversation and company when Justin was out late on call or when I just needed a friend to talk to.
And then there is my ward family. I love our ward. They have been my foundation since being in Toledo. We have made so many friends in our ward. It has been such a blessing to have known these people, not just for my self but for my kids too. The families in this ward are so special to me and I will miss them all so very much! I think this ward has set the bar too high because my expectations might be crushed in going to any new ward, it will never be the same.
(Cohen and just a sample of his friends in our ward)

And now the things we are excited for! Justin left for his last rotation EVER as a med student last Saturday.... you think he is happy or what?!
We are super excited for warmer weather and a home of our very own with a fenced back yard and plenty of room to grow. We are also VERY excited to be moving closer to my sister Kelly and her family. And we are SO very blessed to have been accepted into an amazing program at Baylor that will ultimately give us some great opportunities after Residency.

I will however not miss somethings. I will NOT miss the carpet in my kitchen. I will NOT miss having our living area be a play room/TV room/office/vinyl work area. I will NOT miss Toledos winters and gray sky's. Although all the things I am not going to miss do not make up at all for the people that are going to be missed.

So here's to you Toledo, turns out I did love you and you will be missed!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

OuR EaStEr HaPpEnNiNgs

This Easter we had to do the whole 'bunny' thing on Sunday since Justin had a 12 hour ride along shift with the Toledo EMS on Saturday (we normally like to do it on Saturday so we can concentrate more on the Savior on Sunday). These pictures of my boys on Easter morning are horrid, but this is what you get taking pics 5 minutes before church and your working with a 3 yr, 2 yr, and 8 week old. Church was wonderful. There were so many good thing I got out of our meetings and I defiantly came home Sunday feeling spiritually fed.
We got Cohen with a decent smile in this one.
Now we got Carter to smile.
And now Jace finally smiles.
I think Carter is a little nervous in this picture.

After church we came home and fed the missionaries. I love feeding the Elders. They bring such a wonderful spirit into our home and Cohen especially loves the Elders (or Mr. Elderts as he calls them). For our Easter feast we had twice baked cheesy potatoes, green beans, and marinated chicken. And for dessert we had these cute little chick cake balls. I stole the ides from my friend's blog. I put the recipe on my food blog (thanks Natalie!)

We had a great Easter remembering our Savior and his atonement for us. I am so grateful for the gospel and this time of the year we have to specifically remember what he has done for us. I hope you all had a great Easter!

PS Take a look at the cake pop web site, SO many cute ideas for these easy things and did I mention so delicious!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Smiles All Around

If there is one person who can get Carter to smile, it is Cohen. It must be because Carter sees so much of himself in Cohen...literally. I love my boys!!!

Another thing that is bringing smiles all around is buying a house! Well, at least now that finding one is over and the sellers have excepted our offer! That was the worst part. I will NEVER go house hunting again with out Justin.... EVER!!! Now we are on to inspection and if all goes well, we close May 13th! Here's a couple of pictures of it.

There are some definite needed updates but we are excited to make it our own over the next 5 years that we will call this place home!