Monday, March 21, 2011

Carter's Final Photo Shoot

Beware: TONS of pictures. I just could not pick one, so I picked all of the ones I liked. It's easy to take cute pictures when you have someone so cute to take pictures of, right?! I still need to photo shop little zits on his face and marks where his diaper was but I'll do that when I actually print some of these out.

Look Mom, over there, do you see that!?! I think it is evident that Cater has Cohen's famous BIG eyes.

Because of our height disadvantage, we are hoping for a kicker for BYU.

A little too big for borrowing Daddy's ties just yet.
Dr. Carter, your wanted in the E.R.
Brotherly love. Cohen loved doing some pics with his baby brother.

Check out that hair!

Some Carter anyone?

Time Out

This is my favorite video of Cohen as of late. And yes, he is still singing Christmas songs in March. What a goofy kid I have :)

Jace turns 2!

I can't believe my little Jacer Man is TWO!! Here are some fun facts about this little guy:

  • Jace LOVES any kind of ball, football, basketball, baseball... if it involves a ball, he is in!
  • Jace is a total copy cat. He follows Cohen around and copies every action and word.
  • Jace LOVES his Dad. (Which makes his Mom a little jealous sometimes). When Justin comes home, he is immediately drawn to his side for the rest of the evening.
  • Jace's favorite words are "A-Yes!" and "O-ta". But it's not just what he says, it's hilarious how he says it. Like when he says Juice, it's boos but for his "s" he sucks air in.
  • Jace is also a total sweet heart. He never argues with us when we tell him why he can't have a treat, just as long as we give him a good enough reason. And he is a GREAT sharer. If he see's that Carter need's something (because a 2 week old really needs a car to play with when he is crying, right?) or he see's that Cohen is looking for something, it's Jace to the rescue.
  • Jace is also getting into the "let me do it by my self stage". He likes to show you how he can do it, and when he does get it done, he will shout at the top of his lungs, "I did it!!!". Jace is always loud when he talks :)
  • And by far my favorite, yesterday, as I put him down for a nap he said, "Bye-Bye Mommy....eeee-uuuuuu", which in Jace language means, I love you. Melt's my heart!
We love our Jacer-Man, he is so loving and keeps us laughing and our family would not be complete with out him in it!

So for Jace's birthday, we took him to the YMCA gymnastic center. We then had his favorite character cake, Elmo, and opened up some presents. It was pretty uneventful but how much can you ask from a Mom that just had a baby 2 week's earlier?!

Another thing Jace has been up to lately is climbing out of his crib. I would just put him in a bed, but since we are moving soon, what's the point! Can you find Jace, I was shocked when I went in to check on the boys and....
he was asleep on the floor!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Match Day

Thursday, March 17th was by far the most important day of any 4th year medical student's career. It was the day that Justin and I found out where the next 5 years of our lives would be. With out going into too much detail, Justin applied to over 40 Radiology programs, interviewed at 13 and out of those 13, we ranked them in order of which ones we would most like to go to. Once we submitted our rank list, each school submits a list of who they interviewed and where ever you match up together is where you end up going for residency (there are also those who don't match at all, fortunately, we were not one of those people).
So match day finally came. We arrived at the Stranahan Theater at 11 am and met up with our friends that we have shared this med school journey with the last 4 years.
From left to right: Kent and Leisy Miller (going into Pediatrics at Dayton OH), Jill and Glen Lau (Urology in Memphis TN), John and Keriann Felt (pediatircs, Grand Rapids, MI), us and Jeremy and Natalie Jacobs (Orthopedics, Augusta, Georgia). We will miss all of them so very much!

I then went over to the table where our fate lied and snapped a picture of our envelope.

Justin and I got some food from the buffet table (but neither of us ate much, we were both too nervous). They had a couple of speakers and at noon, Justin was dismissed to go get his envelope and this is what happened:

I wish I could say I loved this video, but I think the more I watch it, the more embarrassed I get about how I acted. Let's just say it was a complete explosion of shock and too much build up of anticipation! Justin and I were a complete wreck the whole morning before this moment!

We got our number one pick, Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas Texas! We could not be happier. Both of us were sure it was going to be Indiana, which would have been great as well! But much to our complete surprise, we got exactly what we wanted. Warmer weather, here we come!!! There are SO many bonuses about going to Baylor. My sister is there with her family, it's a GREAT program, the name alone will be great for applying to fellowship programs (Interventional Radiology), the weather is great there, and housing is affordable. We will be moving at the beginning of June after graduation and Justin starts on the 23rd of June. We are so blessed to have this opportunity and know that it's where we are suppose to be! Thanks to all of you who have giving us so much support in this whole process!
Jill and I, SSOOO going to miss this wonderful girl!
What University of Toledo students are going into.
We took Carter with us and he was an angel. He slept the whole time!

Friday, March 18, 2011

UT students celebrate 'Match Day'

UT students celebrate 'Match Day': "Thursday was 'Match Day': when students graduating medical school find out where they will serve their residencies and what specialty they will attain."

I was always under the impression that Justin was the med student, not me :) Enjoy the goofy picture of me.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Number One

Today we got our number one spot for residency program at Baylor in Dallas!!!!!! We are totally shocked and extreemly excited! Pictures to come soon!! We will be moving in June of this year!

Monday, March 14, 2011


Today was the very much anticipated Match Day to find out if we have been accepted into a Radiology program or not. Well, WE MATCHED!!! Now it's on to Thursday at noon to see where we have been accepted to. Here are our options in no particular order:

Where do you think we will end up (our guess is Indianapolis)?

Orlando Florida
Oklahoma City, OK
Tucson, Arizona
Baylor in Dallas
Indianapolis, IN
Louisville, KY
Knoxville, TN
Tampa, FL

We ranked 3 other programs but I would die of shock if we got into those since we have talked to some of the directors and know we are not going to be down that far on our rank list. 2 are in Detroit and the local program in Toledo.
So... tell us... what's your guess?!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Birth Story

The dreaded day has come. The day that my Mom went home. I hate this day. Every time I think of her leaving.... I cry. Luckily, I have an amazing husband to give me lots of hugs and supports me through all the tears of learning how to adjust to being a Mom of 3 to the cutest boys in the whole wide world. And with my Mom gone, I am now trying to find things to keep my mind occupied so that I don't fall into the teary pit again. Please tell me I am not the only one that get's a case of the baby blues?'s to me keeping my self occupied... here is the story of how Carter Lewis Sacks came into our family:
Right before heading out the door to go to Toledo Hospital.

It was 2:40 am on the 22nd of February. I was woken up by a terribly hard contraction. Nothing out of the ordinary, I had been getting random ones in the middle of the night for the past week or so. But, I thought I might as well look at the clock just to make sure if I needed to start timing them. After drifting off to sleep I was woken again about 20 minutes later, then 15, then 30, then back to 15. Not what you call steady by any means but none the less, it was disturbing my sleep! By 5am though they were starting to get around 10-15 min apart and bad enough that I had to wake Justin to squeeze his hand each time I had one. At that point I decided that if this was going to happen today, I was not leaving with out a shower and doing my hair. A girl has to look good for the camera, right? Once I was in the shower my contractions quickly moved from being 10 minutes apart to 3 minutes apart. After Justin threatened me that if I did not hurry I might not get an epidural, I got as ready as I could between some crazy bad contractions, told my Mom "it's time" and off we went. Justin drove as quickly as he could on the icy roads as I tried to not scream through each bump on Toledo's crappy roads. Once we wheeled up to the labor and delivery I was quickly checked to see how dilated I was. The nurse, moving a little quicker now, told me I was at a 6-7. Ummm... PANIC! Get that epidural in me RIGHT NOW!!! And thankfully, that is just what they did. By 8am, I was enjoying the tingling of my legs going numb and being told by the nurse to get some rest before the doctor came in to break my water at 10. When she broke my water the doctor did notice some miconium (spell?) and said she would have a special doctor standing by if we needed him but thankfully, we had no need for the doctor once Carter came out. After breaking my water they gave me another couple of hours to rest and by noon I was dilated to 10cm and feeling pressure. By then I did what any girl would do, told Justin to hand me my make up bag so I could freshen up for my big photo shoot and to meet this new little guy. Twenty minutes later they were getting the doctor in and prepping me for delivery. Once I was in position and the mirror was placed so I could see what was going on, my amazing nurse Mary, quickly pointed out to me that before I even pushed that his head was already in view! After 5 minutes of pushing, Carter was born at 12:55 pm. And just like the rest of you, we were amazed at his hair. We were under the impression that we only made blond hair/blue eyed kids but apparently we had some super dark and thick hair in the mix and we are still trying to figure out where the heck it comes from. But to say the least, we are in love with it! Also, Carter did come out all tangeled up in the cord, almost like like he was wearing a backpack, and with it around his neck. Justin said he was a little too floopy at first but after some good rubbing down and suction he still got an 8-9 on his apgar. He was measured at a large 8 lbs 7 oz (no wonder I felt so big!) and 22 1\8 inches long!
Carter has been a great baby. He is so mild mannered and has been consistantly waking up 2 times a night with the added bonus of going to sleep quickly after feeding him. I am so in love with this little bundle of joy and can't wait to get to know more of his personality.

Please tell me there is enough time for an epidural!
Giving my Mom frequent updates... and the epidural is now in!
Proud parents of 3 BOYS!!!
Cohen and Jace were super excited to meet baby Carter and they loved climbing up into bed with Mom.

And for the biggest surprise, my sister from Dallas showed up in my hospital room the day I delivered. It was great to have her here, esp when I came home to a super clean house thanks to her and my Mom.

And with keeping in theme of trying to keep my self occupied since my Mom is gone now, I decided to do a mini photo shoot of Carter today. These are a few of my favorite's for right now.

Thanks again Grandma for coming! We LOVED having you here with us!