Monday, January 31, 2011

New Born Photography

My friend was super sweet and let me take some pictures of their newest addition, Zoe. I had heard new borns were pretty hard to handle and I thought, how hard could they really be? Well... let's just say that they do what they want to do... and you are not going to convince them otherwise. None the less, I think we were able to get some good ones. My next purchase for photography will hopefully be some indoor lighting because a lot of the pictures did not turn out as clear as I was hoping. But for now, it will have to do since Justin and I are still in the negative money route and not the positive one :)

This was the ONLY one we could get of her sleeping.

Next in line for a photo shoot will be my little one, Carter Lewis, just 3 weeks away!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

If you know me....

...then you know I ALWAYS have some sort of project I am doing. Well, these have been some of my latest.
I did have a before picture of this but now I can not find it. It looked something like the blue chair below. I ripped off the blue plastic and padding underneath, used my amazing cricut cutter to make the letters and animals, glued them on and then poured epoxy over the top and Taaa-Daaa! A new table my boys can not poke holes in when they color any more!

I recovered these chairs that went with the table. I think they turned out super cute but don't think they go with the table as well any more. Oh well... I can't have it all I guess!
Lastly is this coat rack. My sister in law, Lori, was given a super cute one and I decided to try and replicate it. It was much more work than I thought it would be to get it to stand up straight but over all I am happy with the results... and the fact that I don't have 12 coats draped over my coaches any more!
Now I just need to make my car seat cover and baby blanket! Then I promised Justin I would cool it for a minute.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Found It!

After an insane amount of weeks being sick, I finally felt good enough to start going back to the gym and magically I was able to finally find the ambition I have been looking for the last 6 weeks!!! Why it is that getting off your butt and working out creates you to have more energy, I have no idea, but I was glad to have it back because I have WAY to much to do before Carter (we have finally decided on a name!) comes to be laying on the couch napping every day. Here is what I did with my energy this week! I literally took me 6 hours to go through the closet and organize it all. I am so happy with how much I was able to consolidate and throw out. And even though it may be really premature, I packed up 3 boxes for moving. I figure even if we don't move in June, I will not need those things any time soon!

Ahhh.... this feels so much better. I now just walk in that room just to look at how nice it looks. I just need to switch the dressers around in the boys room with this one in the picture and it will be ready for baby Carter!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Christmas 2010

So for Christmas this year we stayed here in Toledo and although we missed being around family terribly, we enjoyed our quiet Christmas here together, especially since the majority of our Christmas break was spent being sick....all 4 of us! Here are some of the things we did this holiday season!
We heard through the Toledo grape vine about a fabulous place for free pictures with Santa at the Bass Pro Shop. They had a very holly jolly Santa that was GREAT with the boys. I had to prep Jace the whole time that if he wanted candy he had to go stand next to Santa. By the time it was our turn he was very willing to go see the big man in the red suit. The whole area was set up with a winter wonderland theme. They had race cars set up and mini remote ATV's to play with. It was a great buffer since we had to wait in line for AN HOUR to see Santa.
Our ginger bread house, compliments of our food stamps thank you very much! The boys, like every kid on earth, esp liked eating the candy more than making the house. As you can see, Cohen is digging in the frosting for another taste.

Christmas Eve we set out to deliver some treats and then made some more treats when we got home for Santa. Cohen loves Mom's chocolate chip cookies and was worried Santa would be eating them all and leave none for him :)
Why Cohen was posing this way while eating his cookie is unknown to me.
The boys in their Christmas PJ's.
Our tree after Santa came!

For some reason, Jace was not particularly in the mood to open presents.
Trying out my new lens!!!

Thanks mom for the curler!!!
Justin helping out Jace.

Once Justin get's home from his interview in Florida I will upload our Christmas videos! His lap top is a champ when it comes to uploading!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Louisville KY

So along the interview trail Justin has been taking, I was able to tag along with him to Louisville KY. It's a great city and we would be happy to go there. Justin has a total of 13 interviews and we will be finding out where we got accepted on March 17th!

On the way down there we were able to stop off at Dayton Ohio and go to the air force museum. I remember going there when my brother Robb was living on the base in Dayton and the 3rd hanger was by far the coolest. I was excited to show it to Justin and VERY disappointed when we found out it was closed for the afternoon. There was TONS of security there and we just figured it was because it was Verterns Day. Well, that night when I was sitting in our hotel room channel surfing, I stopped on the O'Reily Factor and found out why the hanger was closed that day. HE WAS IN THERE INTERVIEWING PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH!!!!! So close....yet he was so far away! What a bummer we did not stay to see him leave!

Jace totally biffed it when we were walking around the air planes outside. I totally forgot to buckle him into his stroller and he leaned over and fell out while I was pushing him. Poor kid!
Snoopy Plane!
This is the only photo I really got while in Kentucky. None the less, still pretty cool!

Thanksgiving Part 2

Here is the last of our Thanksgiving adventure in Dallas. It's hard for me to blog these days because most of the pics I want on the blog are on Justin's computer and with him programing right now, it leaves for little time to get on here. He is out with the Elders for the night so I figure it was a perfect opportunity for me to play a little catch up.... and now I can cross one more thing off my to do list!
So one of the things we did in Dallas was go on the polar express. Needless to say, Cohen died and went to heaven!

My very sweet and hilarious nephew Benson!
Santa showed up for the ride as well!
As you can see, Jace was not too interested in the whole event.
My Momma.
My brother in law Larry, nicest guy EVER!
Addy, she is always such a good poser for the camera.
Little Sammy!

Kelly and Larry, so nice to provide us with such a great trip on the train!

Cohen would not stop putting his head out the train, he loved every minute of it.
Sammy, waiting to see the ice sculptures. She kept giving me these crusty's!
Mommy and Daddy.
Chad showing us his pool swagger
Kelly and Larry are putting a pool in their back yard and so the kids were in heaven climbing on the mounds of dirt all over. I thought it was pretty cute to see Bella in her foo-foo outfit, covered in dirt!