Wednesday, November 17, 2010

We've Made It!!!

I am so excited to report that Justin has just received his 12th interview today for residency!!! And the most recent ones are ones we have been really excited to hear from: Baylor in Dallas Texas, Arizona and Florida!!! I will post more about our Utah trip later but I had to make this quick interruption to just say how much we have seen the Lord's hand in this all and how happy we are to have so many of our prayers answered!!!!! With 12 interviews under our belt our chances of getting into a program are around 99% now....ahhh.... let's all take a deep sigh of relief! I love you Justin!!! Congrats!!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Utah part 4, last one....promise!

Once the whole Sacks family had arrived in Utah (us and Erin's family were the only ones traveling), we had a WHOLE DAY of picture taking. I am not talking about an hour or so, literally, a whole day. Even though some of us found it a little excessive, there were some good pictures taken. Next time though I am putting a strong vote in for a professional that will get it all done with in an hour or so :) And for some reason, blogger is not even letting me post any of the pics taken!
So on to our next topic.... BOWLING!
We love our friends Cody and Natalie! And we thought it a little funny to find out that they had joined a bowling league, with matching shirts and all :) But we were no longer laughing when we found out that it comes with some free bowling games. We decided to take Cohen along of the ride and he proved to us that he could just about keep up with the rest of us, using the bowling slide anyway! He loved it!

We also were able to meet at the pool one day. I love love love being at the pool when I have prego sickness. It seems to just always make me feel better. Plus I love the smell of chlorine, weird, I know.
Don't you think this would be a great picture in their wedding video some day? We can only hope! If not there is always Jace or this baby moving around in my tummy! We have load of options!
Cohen loved baby Londyn, but how could you not, she is so super cute!

Utah, Part 3

Every time we go to Utah we promise THIS is going to be the time we make it up the canyon... and then we never do. Well, this trip I was bound and determined to do it with or with out Justin. Kathi, my mother in law, and Lori and kids (my sister in law) was happy to come for the ride. We drove up Provo Canyon to Bridal Veil Falls. I used to love driving up the canyon, esp when I was having a particularly bad day. It always seemed to just make me in a better mood. It was such a pretty day and the falls were beautiful just like I remembered! The boys loved playing in the water and seeing the water fall.

We also headed over to the splash pad in Lehi a couple of times. The boys had a ball and Jace made a new friend! This is Ty, one of my good friend's kids (Love you Kim!)

I love this kid's eyes. He is such a good baby. In fact, I don't think I have ever heard him cry!

Cohen and his cousin Jackson

I was also able to meet up with some of my old roomies. It was so great to see them again! I spent many late nights with these girls, I love them to death!
Kathi, Lori, her kids and I also went up to Gardeners Village. For crafters, this is a dream world. I love this place! There was a small petting zoo. The boys loved riding on the ponies.
Coming home we decided to take 3 days instead of 2. Big mistake. By the third day we were so done getting in the car. The boys did do pretty well, but as for me and still being sick with baby number 3, I was so ready to be out of that car and the smells that accompanied it!

One good thing about taking our time was that we were able to stop by my friend Jenny's house and I got to meet Blake, her second little boy, for the first time. Her hubby is a 4th year med student as well and it has been great to have a good friend to talk to about all the crazy things that go on with med school. Plus we got treated to some crazy good ice cream! Thanks again!

" I love my Cousins" Utah trip part 2

Cohen LOVES his cousins. I think he has a special place in his heart for Bella but regardless, he really does love them all. These are the 4 cousins born with in 5 weeks of each other. Bella and Cohen were on the same day. From left to right: Levi, Cohen, Bella and Sammy.
When Cohen saw Bella and Sammy together for the first time he ran to get me. I was almost worried because he seemed like something was wrong. He dragged me all the way to the basement to where Bella and Sammy were playing, pointed at them and said, "Mommy... LOOK! Two Bella's!" I just about died laughing. They do look a lot a like!
The newest cousin, Emma. She is a complete chunk! I love it!My AMAZING brothers and sisters!
The goofy family.

After a great family dinner and pictures, my brother Robb was throwing the ball at the kids. Cohen, Benson, and Sammy were making some great faces I was able to catch on camera. Sammy was esp excited and kept telling Robb, "Hit me right in the face, ok?" She was always so disappointed when he missed.

More to come of our time in Utah!

About Time.....GOSH! Utah Trip Finally Reviled

How am I going to bring another baby into this world AND take care of it when I can't even keep up with my blogging now? I know...something that I should really be worried about right? But honestly, it just goes to show how crazy busy life seems to get when I am blogging about something that happened 2 months ago! But I want it down for the record so here we go! I have a million pictures so I will have to do this in parts. So keep looking for daily updates (that is if the kids will leave me alone long enough to get it all done!).
Some of my favorite things we did (although I obviously could not do it with a growing belly) was going on the flow rider! But I had a blast watching all my family members biff it. I think Justin won the award for best biff.

The before shot.One of the biffs :)

And here are a few more of my favs of my family hitting it hard or looking ridiculous. I found them to be quite hilliarous. I think we all had fun laughing at each other killing it on the flowrider!
Kelly, it's ok, your only going to loose your top in a few seconds.
Oh, Kristin, your shirt is about to be so wet.
Good job Robb. You managed to land on your back... and not your face!

Another thing we Rigtrup's know how to do is eat! With us coming from the great state of TEXAS we know BBQ. And it's always great when we can eat it together.
Jace especially loved aunt Kelly's banana pudding.