Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I know I have mentioned this before, but I LOVE this time of year. I love the leaves in Ohio, I love that there is a million things to do here during the fall, and I love the air turning crisp...NOT COLD... just a little cooler! The other day it a was a little too cold and I was not a happy camper, but I love the light jacket weather and the kids playing in the leaves (and in Ohio, there are millions of leaves!). And of course with Fall comes Halloween! The boys got to do a couple of different things for Halloween so we had a couple of different costumes.
Our first item of business was to carve pumpkins. Cohen loved cleaning out the pumpkins and smashing his hands all in the seeds. Jace just enjoyed being able to climb on the table to watch it all.
Isn't this a happy group. Gosh, could they just smile for one stink'n picture!

Justin's Cat and my Castle.
We then went Trick of Treating in my favorite little town called Perrysburg. All the businesses downtown open up to the kids and pass out candy. Cohen was in candy heaven. After every place he would tell me, "That was fun! Let's do that again!". For this activity, Cohen dressed as a dog and Jace was a crappy $4 costume I got last year. Let's call him Super Baby.

The sad puppy waiting for Mom to get don't taking pictures so we could get going!

Here are all the kids we met up with in our ward for the Trick or Treating. I think mine are the only ones NOT looking at the camera....typical.
Our next activity was the chili cook off/trunk or treat with the ward. Justin and I decided to dress up with the kids. I was swimming in felt for a few days but was able to get all the costumes done in time for the party. Yumm..... M&M's and Candy Corn! Thanks to my retarded calculations of some Christmas stalkings a few years ago, I had plenty of red felt for the kids. I knew I would find something for all the felt I had left over! Again... Cohen and Jace were in candy heaven.

Now it's time to break out the Christmas decorations and get ready for TEXAS!!!!!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Day on the Course

Justin is always teasing about when he is an established doctor, the people that he will work with will always know that one day a week, he will be out golfing with his wife. Thankfully, I love golf as well and really hope that is the case someday! For Fathers Day, I got Justin a pass to go golfing and expected that he would take someone with him, I figured it would be a great get a way for him. I was happily surprised when he asked me when WE were going to go golfing. I told him of my surprise and he simple stated, "Well, who else would I want to spend time with?". I love this guy SO much! We had a great afternoon on the course. And golfing out here is dirt cheap. You can do 18 holes with a cart for 8 bucks! That is INSANE prices! If we only had the time and baby sitters (and I didn't have a belly in the way of my swing) to go more often we might have both golfed a better game that day. But none the less, we still had just as much fun.

The course was so pretty with all the fall colors.

Show'in the belly swagger.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Excuse Me Please

Here is what I found when I got out of the shower the other day. Cohen said Jace just got in his way. We are now learning how to say, "Excuse me please" instead of shoving someone out of our way.

And another thing to add to Jace's abuse, he had a run in with the side walk and caught him self with his nose. Poor kid! Thankfully this happened after we got done taking family pictures!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

About Time!

I don't think any one can ever understand ALL that goes into med school until you go through it. I know this for a fact because I am living it and I still don't know all that goes into the whole process of it. Well, right now, Justin and I are at the residency application stage. It's the last part to med school and it's the part we have been working for since we started this whole process about 6 years ago. Justin is applying to Radiology and planning on being an Interventional Radiologist (or IR). It's a type of Radiologist that does less invasive surgery's like heart stints and many many many more! When Justin did his month long rotation in IR at University of Michigan he said he never saw the same surgery twice so they do all sorts of things. He does have a special interest in the cancer side of things where you go in and treat the cancer locally with chemo.

Anyway, back to the point of the title of the post. Justin and I have both been impatiently waiting for an invitation for interviews so we can get into a Radiology residency. He applied to over 50 programs all over the US and it seems like EVERYONE has got interview but us. A little nerve racking to say the least. Well... yesterday we FINALLY got our first interview! It was a total answer to our earnest prayers (esp since Justin takes his step 2 boards today and interviews were the only thing he could keep on his mind, now he can concentrate on his exam!). Justin has his first interview to University of Utah!!!!! They only interview 10 people for each radiology position (about 50 out of about 600 applicants). We realize chances are slim of getting in but none the less, we are very hopeful that the interviews are going to start rolling in. Like I said... ITS ABOUT TIME!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Cry Baby

I'm going to be ratting my self out on this post and tell you a little story about a pregnant women and how emotional she can be. A few weeks ago I wanted something else to listen to other than the garbage that was the radio that morning. I decided it was time to venture back to some of my old tapes and settled on the sound track of Saturdays Warrior, classic Mormon video, right?!

As I began the tape, I was surprised at my memory. I still remembered ever word to every song on that tape. And my favorite is still "Will I Wait For You?" .....'Why Wally Kestler, you ought to be ashamed of yourself! I've given you the best years of my life, I've stood here through it all.... through short and fat and tall...through thick and thin and rain and snow and ice.... and now you question my integrity? Is that any way to treat your future wife?'
Obviously the words are still stuck in my head.
So as the tape comes to the last song (the part when Jimmy delivers his baby sister that he promised he would never forget in the pre-existence), I begin bawling. Not just a sweet tear rolling down my cheek, actual flooding of tears! And if that is not bad enough, I started to tell Justin about how silly I was and about the song, and again, started to cry! Just hearing that new born baby cry gets me every time. But it's not just that amazing tape I rediscovered, it's commercials, any TV show that has any sympathetic part, and even receiving the cutest little hat in the mail that I ordered for this new baby.
Now I ask my self, does this make me a true cry baby, or just an overly emotional pregnant women? I'm banking on the latter.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Apple Picking

With this being potentially our last year here in Toledo, we could not pass up the best time of year to visit MacQueens Apple Cider Mill! This is my favorite place to visit in Toledo during the Fall. You can pick your own apples (which we made tons of apple sauce from... YUM!) and every year they have an apple butter festival that we all love to go to. They also have a mill where they make their own cider, it is like drinking an apple. It's unbelievably good. Cohen was especially excited since we let him ride on the horses and train. It was a little cold the day of the festival but that did not keep us away this year. I will be sad to miss it if we are gone next year!

Jace enjoying the endless samples of apple butter, pumpkin butter, and spiced butter!
If you at all know Cohen, you know he is obsessed with trains. Let's just say at this moment he is in pure heaven.
Totally looks like Justin has a beer in his hand, no people, it' apple cider slush...SO YUMMY!

Our loot... I think we picked about 70 apples and this does not include all the ones we ate while picking the apples.

FYI, this was the last time I saw my camera lens cover, if any of you Toledoens see it around the orchard, please return it to me :)
Jace has officially hit the stage of no more natural cute smiles on cue. It's now this kind of face when asked to smile... lovely isn't it?
Dad being a champ and climbing the trees to get the best apples.

Did I mention Jace LOVES apples. Ever since we got back from apple picking (which now was about 3 weeks ago) every round thing he see's he screams, "Appo...Appo...Appo!". One day I gave him a whole apple and he ate the WHOLE thing. Not just the part people usually eat, that's right folks, seeds, core and all!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Half Way Point!

I made it! Time has been creeping by and I already feel as though I am pushing 9 months along, but I made it, I am half way there to meeting this little guy! Even though I had a few days of morning not having a girl, I have been getting more and more excited about him coming, esp with buying a few new things for him (he can't have ALL hand me downs...right?!). My favorite is a little bear beaning I got off of Etsy. I can't wait to put it on him and take a million pictures!
PS I know my hair has a little bit of that wind blown look, but that's not what the picture is about right?!

A Few Things Brought Back To My Rememberance:
1. When you bend down, always do it with your legs apart, so your belly can hang in the middle.
2. Keep Tums next to the bed.
3. Always keep an extra gallon of milk in the house (I can never get enough of it when I'm prego!).
4. Pee BEFORE you ever leave the house, not matter if you just went or not.
5. Become a full time side sleeper.
6. Always were an apron when cooking, other wise just plan on changing your shirt because you got something on your belly.
7. Not having to pull your shirt out of your fat rolls because it's just nice and round, I like this one!
8. No more jumping jacks in step aerobics class... or just no jumping period.
9. Not sleeping at night, not because you can't, but because the baby inside you isn't!
10. Maternity pants and rubber bands for the none maternity pants.

In all actuality, I really do love this part of pregnancy, up until about week 37, then I am so done, but until then I'll just enjoy all the little quirks about it!