Sunday, July 25, 2010

Adding Another One to the List...

It all started out with this beauty ... my first car, an 87 Honda CRX. At one time we fit 7 people into this little 2 seater of mine. And it was only $800. I learned to drive stick with this thing! My Dad was amazing and painted it black for me and I drove this car with pride and joy until.....

Some idiot side swiped me and I had to say good-bye to this little piece of freedom of mine until.... My amazing neighbor (feeling bad that I did not have a car my senior year of high school) sold me this beast, an 87 Chrysler 5th Ave., for $100. I was overjoyed to have a car again, even if it was a grandma car and at times I would take the key out of the car and it would still not shut off. At least it had the most comfortable seats you could ever imagine!
Once attending college, we realized I would not be able to afford the gas of this beast. So, back to Honda we went... an 88 Honda Accord. Why I don't have a picture of this car is simple. I hated this car. It gave me no pride or joy. It was a complete lemon and it finally died on the side of the road somewhere in Utah, soon after I hit a deer with it.

Then... once again, some one feeling bad for me riding my bike to and from work and school in the late hours... my grandma bought me a car that redeemed all hatred I had toward my other Accord and I had yet again an 87 Honda Accord. I loved this car, sure it had it's quirks, like having to double shift when you got into 5th gear, or flashing the brights to get your real lights to turn on, or pushing a few extra buttons to get the window to roll up. But it ran great. And once it was sold, at 280,000 miles, I still got $1100 bucks out of it. And even though I was upgrading to way better, I was still very sad when that car drove off with it's new owner.
Next was, as you all know, my 2002 Honda CR-V. I was finally out of the 80's. I love this car. It brought home my first 2 children from the hospital, it was my first big purchase, and it was the car that brought us out here to Ohio and took us to many trips to DC. But sadly, we are out growing this car. And with number 3 on its way, yes we are expecting Feb. 24th, we have to move on to bigger and better things. Thus arrives this:
2005 Honda Odyssey. I am officially a mini van Mom. Not a proud one, but none the less... it is what it is. We got a great deal and ended up trading our car with the couple we are buying it from, thus saving on taxes AND lowering our monthly payments! We are super excited about our new addition to our family, both car and kids.

PS As of today, Sept 1st, I am 15 weeks along and have not thrown up in 3 days!!! Baby's heart was heard loud and strong today.... and we of course are hoping for a girl this time but will be super excited either way!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Max's Graduation

My oldest nephew Max graduated from high school this year and Justin and I thought it was worthy of another trip to Virginia. We had a lot of fun seeing the Robb Rigtrup family again, even if Robb was not there to celebrate with us (he was in Afghanistan on deployment). I don't know who this kid is in the picture. Why he jumped in who knows?!
The proud Mom.
Totally gay looking picture right? I think Jonathan's facial expression just adds that much more of a gay touch to it!

The best part of the trip was seeing Justin get Max with the large amount of graduation cake left after the party. He packed it in his year so well that I think Max was still digging it out a few days later!
Congrats Max, now off to BYU-Idaho!!! So excited for you!!!
Hip Hip HOORAY!!

Maumee (said mommy) Bay

When Justin and I first moved here there were a couple of names of towns and streets we were not sure how to pronounce. One of these towns was Maumee. When we first learned that you say it Mommy, we thought it was such a stupid name for a town, but funny how it totally sounds normal to me now. Just like Fifth Third Bank sound normal now too!

There is a great little beach on Maumee Bay that the kids love to go to. On one of Justin's Saturday's off we decided to head down to the beach for lunch and some fun in the water. I love these times with my family!
Check out those clouds in the back ground. We were able to stay a couple of hours until the rain ran us off the beach.

Digging with Dad.

Fun In Texas...again!!!

As most of you know, Cohen and his cousin Bella were born on the same day, June 24th. So in celebration of that my sister threw an awesome party for these 2 sweet kids for turning 3!

Very excited to open presents.

Cohen is all about Buz Lightyear right now. Kelly did all things Toy Story for Cohen and he was totally in love with it all!
Especially eating Woody's head on his AMAZING cake!

Kelly rented 3 different bounce houses. The kids had a blast and I really enjoyed racing and beating Justin down the slide about 10 times!
We also took a few boating trips on Kelly and Larry's new boat. Jace and Cohen both did great on it. I think Jace's favorite was to watch his Daddy boarding!

Cohen's 3rd Birthday

I can not believe I have a 3 year old! For Cohen's birthday, I took him to a bounce house. He had an absolute ball! Jace and Cohen were both in heaven running around to their little heart's content.

I kept asking Cohen what kind of cake he wanted and I just kept hearing, "I want a Buz Light Year cake". So off to youtube I went to try to get some ideas for my first fondue cake. It was a super easy recipe and I think it turned out great. Cohen loved it!

The only problem was when Cohen could not get one of the candles blown out and Buz's hand got caught on fire. Oh well, it just adds a little character to Buz, right?

White Trash Swimming

Hello from Utah! We are in Utah safe and sound and loving every minute of it. I am so behind on my blogging and figure I could get a few posts in while kids are down for a nap. My hope is to be all caught up by the time we start our drive back home. The drive went so much better than we could have ever planned (with the exception of having to tell the lady at Eco Lodge that we would not stay at her hotel because it was too trashy for us... awkward). Jace and Cohen were a dream to travel with and our new car made it that much to come. So please just bare with me as I try to play blog catch up over the next few weeks...enjoy!

Just for the record, I hate it when parents let their kids run wild in just their underwear/diaper. BUT, when you are lazy... in your own back yard... and the child already has his clothes soaked, I will be a little more understanding. But if you do decide to do something like this in your front yard, I will think it looks a little white trashish.
So, here is my little Cohen, playing in his new $2 sprinkler, and having a ball. I love summer time!