Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Reunion!

A few years ago I was so lucky to get to know the Snow family a little better by taking care of Madison every so often for Jenny (they moved from Toledo a little over a year ago for residency). I love this little girl, and so does Cohen. Jenny and I also were able to meet up at Time Out for Women for a fun little weekend get away. She had mentioned that they were heading to Toledo for a weekend soon and I made sure to put in an offer to stay with us. I was so happy to get a call asking if my offer was still good. We loved having them stay with us for a few nights and Cohen and Madison played so extremely well together, just like they always did.
The Snow girls and Sacks boys.
Can you feel the love?!

Thanks Snow Family, you are welcomed at our home any time!

Birthday Girl

This birthday was not near as depressing as last years. I think it was because I have been saying I am 28 for so long (I think being pregnant with Jace and Cohen has killed some brain cells because I obviously was not 28, I was 27 all last year, I just forgot). So when this birthday came I thought... wait, I'm just now 28! Awesome, it was like gaining another year on my life! I got some super cute new brown wedge shoes and my favorite cherry jubilee cake (with 2 packets of cream cheese and a tub of frosting as ingredients, how can this not be good!) And since my birthday was on a Sunday this year, it was like the whole weekend was my birthday! Thanks for making it another great one Justin! And thanks to Cohen for wrapping up the shoes I picked out, it made for a totally cute and excited 2 year old to give his mom a present!

Camping With Dad

Justin debated and debated about taking Cohen on the ward Father and Son camp out. Esp when the night came and there was strong storms and tornado warnings all over the area, he was prepared to be getting little to no sleep and be sleeping in the car. But after all was said and done, Cohen and Justin slept in the tent, stayed dry and did not fly away with a tornado. Cohen actually did really well and was really excited that he got to play with the flash light in the dark.
I think we have officially started a tradition this year! The only down side is that now Cohen is terrified of thunder (or funder as he calls it now) I guess he is just taking after his mom :)

Brotherly Love

Cohen and Jace have really started to be good friends since the summer has began. Cohen is always excited to show Jace all the cool things to be infatuated with...

... like lawn mowers...
water hoses....
and overall, just being outside as much as possible!

They are just too cute with one another!

Just Go Fly a Kite

What better way to spend your time on a very windy day than to fly a kite. Cohen was even able to get the kite up. It was a fun time for everyone!
and way!!
Jace sure seemed concerned about the whole kite flying adventure.

The kite was way bigger than Cohen, but that did not slow him down a bit from helping to get the kite in the air.

Friday, June 4, 2010

6 Years and Counting

6 years ago today, right now (Utah time ... 6:30am) I was getting loaded up in the car with my parents to drive to Bountiful Utah to get married in the Bountiful Temple. I was exhausted from staying up late packing for our honey moon in Maui. I remember not being nervous at all on the drive up, in fact, I slept most of the way since it was about an hour and a half away. Once we got to the temple it was super windy and I started to get nervous that our pics were going to be horrid. Just after we got parked, Justin and his parents arrived. We went in and signed our marriage certificates and then separated to get dressed. I loved the bridal room in the temple. They had a huge mirror and an amazing chandelier. It was just me and my mom in there and she helped me get my dress on and we both cried as we discussed how happy we were, at least that's why I was teary eyed, I think my mom was sad because I was the last of the kids to get married :) After I was all dressed I went to meet Justin and he saw me in my dress for the first time. His reaction was priceless. We then went to wait in the celestial room. We were the only ones in there and that's when it hit me... my mouth was super dry and my heart was racing. But it was not out of nerves, it was pure excitement to have this man to be my future eternal companion. We were then called out of the celestial room and were ushered into the sealing room where we were sealed for time and all eternity. After the acrimony, we went back to the bridal room and got ready for pictures. We walked out of the temple were the rest of our friends and family were waiting and took pictures on a beautiful clear sunny day... with no wind! After pics, we all headed down to Provo for a luncheon and then had a gorgeous back yard reception that evening. It was the perfect day. I married my best friend that day and it has only gotten better since that day. I remember Justin and I were told so many times, be ware, your first year is the hardest. Once we hit our one anniversary, we both thought, that was easy. We are lucky. We do have an amazing marriage. I am so lucky to have him in my life! Happy Anniversary Baby! I love you to pieces!