Saturday, May 29, 2010

Things a 2 year old picks up on....

A few weeks ago when taking a bath

Me: Cohen, you are so silly.
Cohen: (in a sarcastic tone) Your mom is silly.

Today when Justin and I were up stairs getting dressed and the boys were down stairs, Jace starts to cry, I assume because of Cohen. I yell from up stairs...
Me: Cohen, what are you doing to Jace?
Cohen: Mommy, I'm just torturing Jace.

I guess what I need to learn from these two things, stop with the "your mom" jokes with Justin and no more telling Cohen, "Stop torturing your brother!"

I love this stage!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Day at the Park

We ventured out on a beautiful day here in Toledo to the Botanical Gardens. I tried my best picture taking skills (which is very slim to none) and here is what I can up with...

PS My Mom is doing great! They did an angiogram and the best possible case happened. No stents and no by-pass surgery needed!!! She will be on meds for the rest of her life but I'll take that any day. Thanks for all your prayers.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Love of a Mother

I love my Mom and I know she loves me. I know this because she never get's tired of me calling her at least once, sometimes even 2-3 times, every day. I know because she let's me talk her ear off all the time and listens intently to even my every day things. I know she loves me because of all the time she has put into raising me. And most of all, I know this because she tells me everyday. I consider my self the lucky one in the family because since I am the youngest, I was able to have my parents all to my self the last 4-5 years of my time at home. My mom and I were the best of friends. We went out to eat with one another and we shopped together. I miss those days when we would just go and hang out. Well, yesterday I got one of those phone calls you never want to get. My Mom had a heart attack. And since I can't do anything about it but have my wonderful anxiety attacks, I am blogging. So please forgive the many updated posts that are for forever long. I hate that I can't be by her side right now. All I can do is wait by the phone for updates as she heads into surgery today. It's the not knowing that kills me. So today I will be sitting here, saying little prayers for her and the rest of our family for some peace and hope for some good news. I love you Mom!!!

Time Out For Women

Justin is an amazing husband. A few weeks ago, he surprised me with the chance to go to Time Out For Women. It's like a mini EFY for women. So this last weekend I met my friend Jenny in Indianapolis and enjoyed my "time out". The speakers were so wonderful and very inspiring. The theme this year was from the 13th Article of Faith... "we hope all things". Many of the speakers talked about trials that helped them to find hope in all things. One of the speakers I just cried though because I have heard her story a few times before but had never met her. She is from Africa and was there when the Blood Diamond war was going on. Rebels killed her family and almost her. She found the church, served a mission in SLC and is now a huge advocate for humanitarian work. Michael McLean (the one who wrote The Forgotten Carols)was there as well as Mercy River as the entertainment. I had an amazing time and came back on a total spiritual high!
Jenny, right out side our hotel.
Mariama Kallon was the speaker from Africa. What an amazing story of hope she had to share!
Jenny Snow and I at the conference during one of the breaks.
The lobby of our Hotel.
The view from our room on the 16th floor. At night the capital building was all lite up and was so pretty! You can see the top of it in this picture.
The bathroom with a TV in it, what a great idea right?!
Thanks to my sister, we had a wonderful hotel right in the middle of downtown. We were able to walk to the convention center and eat out with out driving around once! It was so nice!
This statue was amazing!!! It had so many different sculptures on it. I wish I could of gotten a better picture of it, but it just never happened. This is to commemorate 3 different wars that Indiana fought.

Party Time

Jace's big day was a hit! He was super happy all day long (I think he had an inkling it was his day!). We had our adopted Grandma Carol over and her daughter Kim for dinner and cake. Carol once again did not fail in spoiling this little guy and even Cohen got a little "prize", as he calls it, too!
I also took Jace to his one year well check and he is weighing in at a whopping 19 lbs 3 oz. That's just above the 5th percentile I'll have you know! I just don't get it, he eat's like a mini heifer!

Getting ready for the party!
The party crew, Kim, Carol and Cohen.
"What? You think I'm actually going to wear this.... your out of your mind!"
"Get it off... get it off!!!"
Jace's first cake.
"Ok, I think I've got this figured out."

"Ahhhh!!!! I love this stuff!!!!"
Time for a birthday bath.
Presents from Grandma Rigtrup.

Couch Potato

If I let him, Cohen would watch TV all day long. It's embarrassing how much he really does like watching. We have now limited him to one show a day or a movie and this is what he thinks of it...

Easter Time (long overdue)

For Eater we were were invited to an annual Easter Egg Derby. Sunday morning we prepared our eggs and that afternoon, off we went for a chance to be the Egg Derby champion.

Our beautiful eggs!


Although the Sacks family was not crowed champion, we had a blast!

The Last of Texas

The last night of our Trip my sister was so great to watch the kids so Justin and I could have a night out on the town. There is an amazing shopping place right by my sister's house where we went to eat at Trulucks Steakhouse, the steaks were so amazing, it literally melted in your mouth!

We also went out with Kelly, Larry and my parents to Eddie V's. Kelly and Larry's driver was so great and the Limo ride was amazing!

Justin ventured out in the food world and tired an oyster. His official opinion.... slimy and gross.The kids did an amazing job on the plane ride home. Cohen was great to carry his own load!
Thankfully, Jace slept almost the whole ride!