Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Darn Virus!

So we have a virus on our computer. I was in the middle of posting Jaces cute cake eating abilities from his first birthday and got so fed up with fighting the virus that I just gave up. It has totally affected our Internet and the speed of it. Also I keep getting this pop up window that says I'm the 500th visitor for this site and have WON!!! Bull crap, that's what I have to say to my winnings! So I will just give you all a little update on our family, boring I know with out pics, but for now it will have to do. (Justin left his lap top this week and his does not have pics on it)

COHEN: Cohen keeps me laughing constantly. He is really getting creative with his words and it's interesting to hear what he comes up with daily. He has also been having some very vivid dreams. The other day he woke up and told Justin all about a dream he had of him jumping off the bridge into water and there were green fish swimming all around him. Then the fish built a house and made cookies and they were so yummy that he shared them with his cousins Liza and Zo-Zo (eliza and zoe). I would also like to add that Cohen has a bladder of a camel. Some days he will get up from bed and not go pee until 11am! That's like 15 hours, I can't even go that long!

JACE: He is keeping me too busy! I hardly ever see him crawl anymore and he is finally saying MaMa. He is a little explorer and his favorite place to get into is the pantry. The other day I found him in the pantry (compliments to Cohen for opening the door for him) and he had dumped all the graham crackers, crumbs and all , all over the floor. His mouth was stuffed with them and he looked at me like, "What Mom? Is this not ok?"

JUSTIN... has been working like a dog, (where did this expression come from? Who has ever seen a dog go to work?). He is up in Detroit on an ENT rotation so he is not living at home this month (except on the weekends). He has had tons of great experience but it has been at the cost of loosing lots of sleep. Most days he is there 14-15 hours and he has helped in surgeries lasting as long as 12 hours with only a 15 min break during it. Good thing Justin has a bladder like Cohen! And if sleep was not more desired to him right now, the guy he is sharing an apartment with is Muslim and sings his prayers at like 4 in the morning. My mom suggested he should just start singing "I Am a Child of God". No word on if he has taken her up on that yet or not!

As for me... I am just trying to get by with out my husband. I have been getting a lot of scrap booking done and some great spring cleaning finished up. The gym has been my refuge. I go there almost daily and it's such a great break from the everyday Mothering. This Saturday we will be heading to Texas for 2 weeks (me and the kids at first, Justin will follow in a week). I am so excited to see my sister's new 10,000 sq ft home and to be in some warm relaxing weather. I am just nervous about the plane ride with Jace, he is too busy to sit on a plane for 4 hours. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Jace is ONE!!!

Has it really been a year already?! One year ago today, at 9:16 pm, Jace Newell came and joined our family. As I think about how much sleep loss I was in for this time last year, I find it funny that it is 9:15 am right now, and Jace is still asleep this morning! We love our little Jacer man. He is such a daddy's boy. He still loves to be held, but only if you are walking around. Jace loves his brother and follows him every where. Jace loves to play with balls and cars and is often bringing me the same car to show me every day! He is also our amazing eater! Jace loves food, even though he STILL does not have teeth, he finds a way to eat just about anything he can get his hands on. Jace is also our emotional one. He is so tender hearted and anytime you walk away from him it's as if you have broken his heart. We love his giggles and the kisses he freely gives us everyday! Happy Birthday Jacers, we love you to the moon and stars!

*As a side note- today will be my last day to nurse Jace!!!!!! He has been such an annoying nurser. With Cohen it always put him to sleep, but when I nurse Jace it's like I'm giving him a caffeine boost and he has always been so wiggly when I nurse him. But I made it my goal of nursing each of my kids for a year and I feel that esp with Jace, it's an accomplishment to brag about!