Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Jace's First Words

You would think a child's first words would be something like Ma Ma or Da Da, unless you consider Ya Ya a word for either of those. But no, Jace's first words are all done, I should have know it would have to do with eating, this kid can't get enough food to save his life. I just keep wondering where he packs it away because he is not the chubby baby you would think for as much as he eats!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Jace Is Walking!

Jace took his first steps when we were in Utah at 10 months old. But once we got home it was just a few steps here and there. This last week he finally started to just take off. Imagine, walking before getting teeth! I'm still waiting for the day when those suckers will appear!

Sorry for the side ways video, half way through I finally remembered to flip it!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

6 Years Ago...

It was Valentines day. The only day I KNEW Justin would not propose. We had talked about how lame it was when people used V-Day as a cheesy excuse to get engaged. When my friends would ask when I thought Justin was going to do it, I would always reply, "I have no idea, I just know it won't be on V-Day". Well, V-Day came and I got a text message on my phone to go check my mail box, so I ran out to the mail box and found 4 roses and a tag attached to it that said something that I can't remember, but it was a cute little poem like "roses are red..." type thing. Just as I got out to the mail box, John and Kathi, my in laws, showed up in their car and told me to get in. They dropped me off at their house and there I found 4 more roses in the mail box. I went in side and found another bundle of 4 roses sitting on the couch with an extremely ugly fake ring hanging from them and another tag attached that said something like, " put this on 'the finger'". I later found that this was just a stupid joke to throw me more off even more and I was still holding to my guns that this was not 'the night' and that this was just a joke. Well, the house was dark except for a light coming from the garden room in his parents house. Justin had decorated with white Christmas lights and had a dinner setting for 2. On the table was more roses and a cute red teddy bear with a card telling me how much he loved me. We ate dinner and watched a movie (Princess Bride, I should have known when this movie was put on, but instead I was tired and fell asleep on Justin's couch). Through out the night I received text messages asking different things about my Valentine like "what's his favorite ice cream" and other fun questions. When the movie was over Justin woke me up and asked me to dance (he set up music and dancing in the garden room as well). I then received the final text message that said, " What time is it in Midland Texas (my home town)?" I said, "12:04am". Justin then smiled and said, "Exactly, so it's not Valentines in Midland any more is it..." He then got down on one knee told me how much he loved me and and popped the big question. We then went over to my Mom and Dad's and I told mom to get out of bed quick because Justin just hit a deer, she came out all scared and I showed her the ring.

I am so grateful for the love of my life and even though we did technically get engaged on V-Day I'm glad Justin made the effort to make it a total surprise.
Happy Valentines Day!

How To Work A Washer

Friday, February 12, 2010

The Results

I took both kids to the dr today... the result...
Jace: 2 ear infections and bronchitis
Cohen: a little wax in the ears and bronchitis

Dear Drugs:
Please work quickly!
A very tired Mom

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snowed In

Last week Jace kept having a little bit of a runny nose, nothing too bad right? Well, Sunday we got him up from his nap with snot all over his face and running a fever. This was the beginning of the worst baby cold I have ever seen. For the past 4 days, Jace has not been able to stop sneezing and with every sneeze I have to be prepared with a Kleenex or else he rubs it all over his face. He even is sneezing in his sleep. And since he can not breath out his nose, he is drooling all over and also has very watery eyes.

So not only do I have a sick baby that is keeping me home bound but also a snow storm that blew in 10 inches of snow. Cohen was thrilled yesterday to play in the "no" (snow, we are working on the whole 'sn' sound right now).
So what have I been doing to keep busy when being home bound for the last 4 days....
Making curtains!

Also, last week we gave the boys a much needed hair cut.

Cohen obviously does not enjoy this, lucky for him, his hair grows like a snail. I finally feel like it looks a little to my liking since the hair cutting incident in November. As for Jace, he tolerates it. Until next month Cohen....

Monday, February 8, 2010

Feel Bad For Me

Current: Sunny
Wind: W at 2 mph
Humidity: 81%

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Christmas: Part 3 (finally)

Wow, way to be on top of things Julie... finishing Christmas blogging into February, I guess I am officially as lame as those people who take down the Christmas lights in April. But I promise this is the last of it.
We were so excited to see our friends Fe-Ping and Sho-Young. We had the opportunity to be involved in there conversion to the church. They are both going to BYU and we took them sledding for their first time! They also helped Cohen make his first snowman.

Cohen and Jace both fell asleep in the car on the way to go sledding. Jace slept in the car the whole time (we were there for at least 2 hours, good boy Jace!).

Cohen tasting the snow.
Me and Kim's baby, Ty. (Kim and I grew up together in Texas, we go all the way back to being babysat together at like 6 months old).

Justin and I were able to attend the new Oquirrh Mountain Temple. You can see the temple from my sister's back porch. It is so gorgeous when it's all lite up at night.
My niece Baylee and me, and to think, this girl used to scream when I held her.
Here is the 2 year old clan. I wish Bella was there to be in the picture too. They all had a blast playing with each other.
My very cute niece Samantha. She helped me pick out hand-me-downs for the boys. I love hand me downs! I came home with about 25 new shirts/pants for my kids!

This was our day of fun with John and Kathi, Justin's parents. We went up to Heber and Midway to see some ice castles and see the Heber Valley Rail Road. Cohen, needless to say, was in train heaven.

Jace was so tired that he thought Justin made for an excellent pillow.
Still waiting for that hair of Cohen's to grow back, my poor bald Cohen.

Brotherly love.
Cohen and his cousin Levi. They LOVED the cookie monster puppet.

My favorite part of the trip was this! I was able to meet the newest member of our family, Emma Noel, (adding to the total of nieces and nephews to 18!) I got sick the last part of our trip and was really worried that I would not be able to see her but the day our plane left, I felt great so off we went to meet this little angle!

Cohen kept telling me, "Oh, toot baby". Translation: "Oh Mother, this baby is so very very CUTE."