Wednesday, December 30, 2009

my interesting walmart trip

I (Justin) heard these announcements by some female on the overhead PA at wal-mart just before christmas - "As a gift to our customers, the next 5 people at the electronics counter will get free i-pods" (not true, i was there). 5 min later, "Attention all associates, there is a dead body on isle 9, clean up on isle 9". 5 min later, "attention customers, you all have been very bad this year, Santa Claus is NOT coming to town". Hilarious. A part of me wanted to high five that person.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Finally Here

We made it! After arriving 2 hours early to the airport and still running to catch our plane, Cohen falling down the escalators, having our gate switched on us, and Jace having ants in his pants for 3 hours of our 4 hour flight we are safely here in Utah. I hope you all have a great Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


The food blog has been update with our FAVORITE holiday candies!

Ginger Bread House

Can you guess what Cohen helped with...

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Yet Another Amazing Thanksgiving

If there is one thing that my family knows how to do, it is making great food. So when we visit any Rigtrup's, any and all dieting or rules about not eating too much gets tossed out the window. Before leaving for Virgina, I made sure to bring the ever famous toffee and fudge in hopes to veto any cooking during the big feast... but through much persistence, I still... like always... was in charge of the pies. I gave my best Martha Stewart crimping skills to the test and I could not be happier with the results.

And what would a trip to VA be with out seeing the sites of DC. This was our 4th trip out there and I still left wanting to see more. I am keeping a list in hopes of seeing everything on that list before we move. Highlights of our site seeing consisted of 2 of the Smithsonian's (Natural History and American History), seeing the Declaration of Independence and for Cohen... riding the train, he was in heaven.

I tried my best to get a good picture, but it was so dim in there and no flash photography allowed. Seeing the Declaration of Independence was like a spiritual experience for me. You know that the Lord's hand was in this work and it was amazing to see it for my self.

While walking all through this museum I could not help but think that Ben Stiller was in here not to long ago filming Night of the Museum!
Jace was a champ all day and did not make a peep the whole day! We were lucky to leave Cohen home the day we went into the city! Although I felt horrid that he was not able to see this train.
My Mommy.
Bella Bella
Ready for church!

If you ask Cohen who his favorite cousin is, it's always Bella. Although he does not seem so sure about it in this picture.
The sweetest girls in the world, my nieces, they were my little baby sitters the whole trip! Thanks girls!
My Air Force fighting brother, love you Wobb.
If he only knew that we were about to get in the car for a long long long drive back home, stupid holiday traffic. But to be perfectly honest, the kids both did great on the way there and back.
Me and my sister, Kelly.
Ride on Cohen... ride on
My Daddy
Waiting in line for the Declaration of Independence.
The feast.
My brother is off to Afghanistan right after Christmas and he was telling us (all that he could anyway) about what he would be doing there and all the training he has had to go through to get ready to go. We all tried on his bullet proof vest. It weighs about 20 lbs and when he is all geared up, all of his daily gear weighs over 100 lbs. Talk about being weighed down!

Thanks Rigtrup's! Even though we came back with a few more lbs then we left with, we loved every bite of food and minute of our time with yall!