Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving to All

Enjoy a laugh this morning!
You have to watch the first one and then the second one. I could not stop laughing!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


This is what you get when a child is sick of getting his hair cut and won't sit still for just one more minute. My poor little man, his blond, blond hair does not help either. At least it's fun to run your hand over his head. Now let's all pray it grows back quickly.

I was glad when this bruise happened, not because it happened, but because I thought it was at least one that people would not be able to see along with the one on his forehead! Now he is showing it off proudly.The end result.

I so wish you were hear Carol so you could see it for your self!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

And You Thought College Was Hard?

I did at least and I have no idea how Justin has done it, but even watching him go through med school has been exhausting! We needed an extra storage bin so Justin pulled out the majority of his notes from his first 2 years of med school and we thought we would snap a picture of it before hauling it off to the recycling bins. He said he has gone through every page at least a couple of times and there was still more up in our office but Jace was sleeping and you never wake a sleeping baby, right?! Amazing job Justin-your the man!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Many Face of Mom and Cohen

Cohen and I decided to paint each others faces. And then we decided to be silly as well. I love my Cohen!

8 Months Old

I can not believe that my little Jacer man is 8 months old already! He has been crawling for about a month now, but I figured I would still show the first time we actually got it on video. He is still pretty slow but every day he is getting faster so he can keep up with his brother. Jace is also an amazing eater. Sometimes we wonder if Jace would ever stop eating if we just kept feeding him. He loves to be held... all the time! And hates to be left alone or left out of anything. When ever we eat dinner, he wants right up there with us to eat, if we are all up stairs, he wants to be with us up stairs, if we go anywhere, he wants to be there too. He is also finally sleeping all the way through the night!!!!!!!!!!! I could not be happier about that! It took him 7 1/2 months to finally do it more than 2 nights in a row, but I think we finally have him trained! Jace is also my little sensitive baby. If Cohen is crying, he gets sad too. He defiantly picks up on what ever emotion is lingering around him, including being happy and laughing. He LOVES Cohen and Cohen is great to make him laugh all the time. We love our little Jacers!

This video got cut a little short because I ran out of memory, but you get the idea. When Cohen was crawling his motivation was a simple cell phone. But Jace is much more high tech, he goes for the lap top!

Any one remember on Finding Nemo when Dorey pronounces escape? We were watching it at the time and I said it to Jace and he found it hilarious!

October Festivities

We had a wonderful October filled with all many different activities to do! There was first Farmer Charley's. Up in Michigan there was a farm that opens up to the public during the fall and it had so many activities geared towards families. It was freezing cold the day we went but we loved it!
Cohen loved every minute of it even if he was still so cold!

This goat kept putting his head through the fence and then getting stuck. I think he wanted to eat my face, look at that sly look he has, it worried me!
Cohen was a little scared to go by him self in the hay tunnel, so Justin went with him.

Cohen riding the barrel train, as soon as the train would stop he would plead the go "adin adin adin adin!". He rode it 4 times while we were there!
Getting lost in the corn maze, I guess we just have to eat the corn now....
Justin makes the best weird faces ever!

Next up was the ward Trunk or Treat party:
I don't think Jace was amused.
Cohen seems to be saying in the picture, "What up dog!"
Isn't my hubby a hot one. Everyone loved the new look, I think it's a keeper for sure!
And yes I was a flag girl. This is my old uniform from High School. And I turned my old practice flag into a BYU flag.... much better right.
Justin kept telling me "Just one kiss"... ummm... no thanks
Now he's a happy lobster!

Up next was trick or treating in down town Perrysburg. It was loads of fun and Cohen did a great job telling all the people, "tit or teet"!
Since the lobster outfit is not suitable for a car seat, Jace wore his Giraffe costume to this activity. It was amazing weather when we went. It got up to 78 that day. And for Ohio, that's hot weather!

Cohen would not get within 5 feet of this lion. So we had to settle for the awkward picture with the cute lion.
Cohen does not respond well to the "smile for the camera" thing. Can you tell?

And what would Halloween be with out pumpkin carving? Cohen helped me clean out the pumpkin and Dad later carved it. Cohen especially loved watching Dad made a scary face out of our pumpkin!

And lastly, here are some of the Fall colors we enjoyed the last few weeks. The leaves are almost all off the trees and we are now bracing our selves for the horrid winter ahead.